What Product Made You Your First $1?

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There are just so many products out there, I was just wondering what product made you your first dollar??
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    Reading blogs about how to use AdSense. After that, the 30DC came in handy. Eventually, the snowball effect took over.
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    I hate to say it but the rick jerk did some chick hit me up on my space and got me into the rick jerk funnel I dont even think that was a real chick lol

    Expode Your Online Business Today For $1
    Great for Newbies!!!

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    Adsense from my first proxy made my first online dollar, but if you're talking about affiliates NeverBlue Ads made me $2 the first day I had it up on my website.
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    I, too, hate to say it, but Maverick Money Makers helped me make my first dollar through direct linking PPC to Free Trial CPA offers. I have left the market for infoproducts since then, though.
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    The first money I remember making was from Wealthy Affiliate. However, I couldn't make enough each month to justify the membership fee.
    KeciaHambrick.com - Blogger. Content Creator. Social Media Enthusiast.
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    My first dollar online was from promoting GPTs
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    My first dollar came from the 30 Day Challenge in 2007. I am now making a nice secondary income every month. I can't say enough about the 30DC, primarily for beginners. I got an outstanding foundation on basic IM, after that I simply expanded, developed and progressed.
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    I made my first dollar through learning at the University of Internet Science.

    Great school...

    And it's free...

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    Derek's WarcraftRiches.com ... and I have no idea where the money came from lol. I didn't split test back then.
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    Oh man, I'd have to say Get Response, but that was back in 2005 and I have yet
    to be paid because I never reached the payment threshold LOL

    In other words, it was dumb luck and I had no idea what I was doing. That sale came
    from posting an ad in Traffic Swarm.

    The first product that I made money from was this Resale Rights Website In A Box

    That was in September of 2005, when I finally "got it"

    - Jason

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

    Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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    My very first internet dollar was made by Google nemesis.

    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

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    Hey Everyone

    My first product to make me any serious cash was and is Ultimate IM Marketing Package.

    Do a search on Google or here in the forum for "Ultimate IM Marketing Package" and you will find it.


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    Mine was in 99 three domain registrations at $40 a piece $60 in commissions yes people paid $40 for .com names back then - that was thru mark joyners aff program

    had earned money before then designing sites making pages for people but that was offline to online - the domainname sale was first real online dollar
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    Honest Riches and still to this very day
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    May of actually been an eBook on website flipping, or image host flipping. I honestly cannot remember what the first product that made me money was. Heh, it may of even have been something to do with articles!
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    I made my first buck with Yahoo Search Marketing and an Amped Media CPA offer.

    Wishing you success,

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      I made my $1 from The Niche Blogger. Oh what a happy day that was. It was what I needed to build up belief in myself.
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    A product I had about 6 years called explosive dating. I somehow wrote 76 pages of content. I'll never forget my first sale on a Sunday morning. Only if I knew back then what I now know about Adwords.

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    Adsense - made an autoblog for celebrity gossip. Its still making a dollar a day.

    =>[b][center]=> Get Real Human Web Traffic <=

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    Made $800 in one day out of nintendo downloads then got banned from adwords lol

    Make cash flow forecasts in openoffice.
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    I make my first $1000 with traffic Geyser. Highly Recommended.
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    Easy Movie Access. I just made a squidoo lens and joined groups and bookmarked it. All my articles got sent back cause of promotion...but hey not bad for 3 days in and no knowledge about IM!
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    A product I created and sold via a BBS over a 14.4k Baud Modem which I printed and hand delivered 30 minutes away (my parents drove me)
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    I made my first money online through Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring Course. For those that are in MLM I don't recommend that you drive traffic to his landing page.

    What I do recommend is that you have your own capture page so you can build your own list. Through your list you can market whatever products have helped to build your business.

    This is what is known as a funded proposal. Once I started doing that then my Magnetic Sponsoring sales increased dramatically.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    I made my first dollar on 2006 from CB product undercover detective which is now discontinued.
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    Well I was making about 1k a day on Craigslist posting ads when I bought an ebook with an income system I paid 2500 bucks..but anyway that system has became way better for me now,I can make as much as I like everyday, and I would consider selling maybe to one other person. Sorry for the promo

    Anyway my first money was posting ads on CL using zip submit offers. Advertisers loved us and the traffic awesome. But CL has gotten to be such a pain! If I could find a good system I would go back, maybe.

    AIM zbestcpa

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      Magnetic Sponsoring made me my first ever affiliate $$$$$$

      Anthony Busciglio

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    My first dollar and my favorite.

    Global Money Today

    Having my own products works best for me
    I do so well there I even giveaway products
    I pay for and always adding new products.
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    EBAY, and creating a ebay store all started because I had a extra pair of sunglasses I didnt want! I then up scaled from there.
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    Originally Posted by MikeMarin View Post

    ...what product made you your first dollar?

    A sponge.

    I washed my dad's car when I was 5.
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    I made my first dollar clicking on ads like crazy... stormclix.

    As for real IM money, I made my first $250 commission in the forex market with a coach.

    Former Body Guard, Now REAL Traffic & List Building Coach
    >> HOT WSO: Six Figure Solo Sellers <<

    Winson Yeung said: "...Definitively A++ recommended WSO"
    Kevin Riley said: "Franck, glad to see you bringing out MORE and MORE GREAT stuff"
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    I made mine by accident, I put up a site to test, and somehow it got listed in google, must be from people who display the recently registered domains.

    Anyway, I was just testing out a design and had a few clickbank products listed (Forex) and someone made a purchase, I got $35 from that, as it is that site is still running and making me money today.
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      My Own .. via WSO.

      Never thought I could do it ... but damn Im so glad I did!

      Just getting started ....
      Rank Ascend Network - High PR Links / Guaranteed Rankings Increase
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    I bought digital rights to "Earn Money Reading Books" in 1993 and sold ebooks on AOL. I sold an ebook on 3.5" floppies.

    Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/KennyKurtz and I'll follow you back.

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    Mass Control 2.0 in a weird way.

    I bough MC2.0 with money I actually haven't had. I had to promise my girlfriend and myself that I will take massive action until I at least make my investment back.
    That was my trigger.

    MC2.0 arrived, I created my very first WSO using a couple of the strategies (obviously on a smaller scale) and made my investment back.
    Next week I'm going to the MC seminar paid with money that I have made with my second WSO.

    Still I wouldn't recommend doing it my way (spending 2k not having a list or product) unless you really have something that truly drives you!


    ‎"Success is waking up in the morning, whoever you are, however old or young, and bounding out of bed because there's something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you're good at -- something that's bigger than you are, and you can't hardly wait to get at it again today." Whit Hobbs

    Visit My Website: http://www.mariobrown.net/

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    I would have never guessed it, but a paid survey site was the first dollar I earned being an affiliate. I guess people just want the easy way out.
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    Adsense was my first online income. First affiliate product - Year of the Affiliate ebook.
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      I made my 1st dollar with the secondtier by Russel Brunsson.(free 2 tier program)
      Thanks to all the tips and video's in the back office i wanted to give it a try, in the beginning it wasn't easy to find people,so i tweaked my tactics and now i am making a very nice income.

      you can also look at my signature

      best regards
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    got my 1st 1$ from adsense
    Do you need an article writer that can deliver quality contents directly to your mailbox without having a sky-high bill? Book Your Own Full Time Article/Content Writer from the PHILIPPINES NOW!

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    $7 Offers - Find and promote the latest $7 Secrets offers available! made me my first $...It was $7...I remember I just sent the link with my paypal email in it to all my msgr list and I got a sale....I was shocked + surprised + happy!!!
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    my first dollar was $65 commission earned as a affiliate from Corey Rudl's Internet Marketing Centre's Course way back in 2001.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    Originally Posted by MikeMarin View Post

    There are just so many products out there, I was just wondering what product made you your first dollar?
    The first ever product I sold made me the first dollar


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    I got my first $25 commission a couple of years ago from a magic tricks product that I promote in my Squidoo lens. But for internet marketing stuff, the first sale that I got is from Online Business Alliance product (it's a $5 ebook).

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    Hmmmmm... photoshop. Maybe I'm in the wrong place.
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    It was a Google Adsense account which I used whilst building my proxy sites. I set up 5-6 Proxy sites and made $164 in 3 weeks with them, then sold them for $300 and moved on to SEO and Blogging.
    If you want to learn how to make money online, no bullshit click here.
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    I don't know how people can make their 1$ from the CPA networks??I have made from the gmail registrations!!!and now i am making from the CPA networks!!!
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    I am pretty new to all this adsense nonsense - is there another topic that explains how everyone is making their 1st dollar off of this? -j
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    same. mine was from clickbank too..
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    My first dollar turn out to be from an affiliate product, government search it actually turned out to be $30...pretty cool. It was very early in my internet career and It was a great milestone. Thanks

    Review Crushers - Social Media and Internet Marketing Training - is a membership site training all levels of Internet Marketers how to market any business using the power of Social Media and Internet Marketing. Twitter: twitter.com/kathybaka

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    I started with dropshipping, then bought and sold wholesale, now im looking to master the affiliate world, then will look into my own product creations with my own affiliates...
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    Geez, I was going to say AdSense as that is the most memorable and the most current - still paying off. I think I made $15 my first month on a forum back around 2003/2004 or so.

    But before that I built websites and did custom programming for companies. That made me the most money

    Even earlier I sold computer parts online briefly

    All the way back to 1996 when I pre-sold a paper book online. Advertised online and received money orders in the mail. That was cumbersome. The Internet was just a little better than newspaper advertising for that purpose. I believe that was just prior to Amazon's first affiliate program. Google and paypal weren't around.

    Geez, about 13 years of this? That explains the carpel tunnel syndrome!

    There's a difference between effective and efficient programming. Anyone can be effective. I strive to be efficient.

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    Was selling a resell right ebook about copywriting with some Adwords.
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    I sold a video tutorial series before Twitter products were so abundant The Twitter Tutorial (dot) com, $35
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    Oh, my bad, if we are counting Adsense, then I made $200 back in 2006, and still make that per month from the same website.
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    Adsense on a blog and a proxy site.
    DanoSongs.com - Royalty Free Music for Marketing Videos

    No sign up required to try my music in your video.

    Just click to listen and download. No cost to try, only pay when you publish.
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    got my first dollar from a CPA on my blog
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    My first money was made as a Mike Dillard affiliate. I really like his sales funnel and the value he gives for the money.




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    My first dollar came from affiliate through clickbank. It was about downloading unlimited songs and movies.Boy,was I happy!!!
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    First sale is SEO elite by Brad Callen. A whopping $27 sale
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    It was either Google Adsense or Amazon. The amounts were and still are nothing to write home about.
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    After a great start with ebay... i got fed up packing,shipping, and returns.

    My first affiliate sale was through PPC (adwords) promoting Clickbank Products.

    Good Luck and stick to a system ( that is where the gold is )

    Building a online empire starts with that first site

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    No Doubt , Its PTC ( Paid to click site) sites which given to earn money online for me .
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    It wasn't the first dollar as much as reaching the first payout threshold for whatever affiliate company I was working with.

    My first dollar came from Anti-Virus software. And, I hit my first payout threshold by recommending anti-virus products. And, I made those with my local market and directing those customers to my website.

    That was just a point where I saw that you can actually get a commission check from affiliate marketing. Now I am learning how to do it right and target the world wide web for real, the real money making products, and the best ideas.


    East Coast, USA

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    Great thread!

    Adsense was my first dollar...
    Ex-Googler, Paid, Earned, & Owned Media Expert, Looking For Client-less Income.
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    I made my first dollar from Paydot.com as an affiliate with a cheezy site that i built with 3 products that i just did a lil' review of. Don't know how the site was found (i don't know much about seo or all the other stuff to this date...i'm a noob) that was in august '09. i haven't made anything since then. but what a rush to see that sell.
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    I made my first dollar about a year ago with Brad Callens ppc webspy sweet product
    when I logged in to CLK Bank and seen that sell, the smile that came over face was crazy but came down to earth real quick because I haven't made much since, a little bit but not much but I'm not worried because that's all gonna change in the near future. be good guys.

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    I actually made my first money on eBay, but I was too silly to see it as a business then. Man, I wish I had been smart enough to focus there instead of the day job I finally decided I could live without. I could have made SOOO much money if I had realized I was standing in the middle of eBay's glory days. *sighs*

    As for the first money I made in internet marketing, it was my first eBook. Still selling 5 years later. I stumbled across lulu.com not long after and have been selling my first two books there since then. Not huge money, but it kept me in the game long enough to finance starting other money-making ventures.

    First affiliate sales were Amazon, still making a crappy few bucks a month off those articles too. Eventually learned to go where the payouts were better. The only good thing about Amazon is that since they sell EVERYTHING I often sell stuff I never recommended. Probably some woman gets on and looks at my recommended products, then here husband gets on later that day and the cookie is still in place when he buys something. Cause, seriously, I get dinky little commissions on weird stuff all the time.
    www.CashCowContent.com ~Quality PLR
    Topics include green energy, local marketing and more. Professional, English-speaking writer.
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    I put up two sites three months ago and I am still waiting on my first dollar. I write articles everyday, read forums, post to Web 2.0 sites, and I got 25 people in my opt in. I haven't figure out yet what I am doing wrong, but I know my first dollar will come soon.
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    none, I just put up some crappy blog with some bs how great a particular product is. Can't remember what it was. Some stupid clickbank e-book. Wrote and even crappier pseudo article on some article directory. Whalla, I made a sale with clickbank. think it was google cash or some nonsense.
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    Obviously The Wealthy Affiliate University. I am extremely satisfied with them and grateful to Kyle and Carson. And also their ebooks, Who Loves Money, Inside the List and Beating Adwords are terrific.
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    I got my first $ from health and wellness product.
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    GREAT question!

    For me, it was Clickbank Pirate. $74.86 on 23 Sep 09.
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    I made my first sale of $26 3hrs after posting my blog on Stumbleupon
    Need quality content at an affordable price? Click here https://tinyurl.com/yav97h9x
    Bulk order available
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    I made my first dollars on a 7 dollar ready made webpage.
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    Twitter Magic was the product that made me my first $ on-line. It happen in early February of this year. My commission was $8! I was estatic when it happened.
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    Jamorama all the way baby! but I have to admit - not much at first Isn't it always that way?
    My $money$ line 360-810-8062
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    A couple years back I got a CBMall and tried driving traffic to it using articles, TrafficSwarm etc. Managed to get $70+, much to my surprise and delight. Then a few weeks back I got the Tweet Tank and used it to drive traffic to my CBMall. Got $73 in one day. Only. So far.

    Nothing good comes easy...

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    Made my first dollar with Global Domains International. GDI is still making a dollar today.
    Success University made my first $50 the same day.
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    VCC made me money and until now it make me alot, i work almost 6 months now for selling VCC's and it really help me alot, it change my life living. thanks for this great business of mine.
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    I made my first dollar years ago on Ebay but earlier this year made my first IM dollar with a Clickbank product using Adwords. The real turning point for me was getting my first check from Clickbank, though. That was a happy day!
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    I earned my $1 in pay per click neobox... clicking everyday...
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    My first dollar actually 5 was sale of the ebook I wrote called the Ultra Simple Guide to Time Management. I ran classified ads for it on Craigslist. It was hosted at payloadz. This was after I became frustrated because I had only made like 2 dollars from adsense on my three blogs. I am still trying to perfect ways to promote my writing.

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    Great thread man!

    Thinking back, it was probably adsense that bought home my first $1. CJ then followed it up well, before ebay and amazon niche sites took over the bulk of my online earnings.

    Blog flipping made me my first serious chunk of change!!

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    I have made my first 15$ online with a php script. I still remember the moment when I`ve received the money!
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    I earned my first dollar through amazons affiliate program.
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  • Profile picture of the author LazyMogul.com
    My very first buck was with PayPal in 2000. Back then paypal paid $5 to refer people. Yes, Paypal was into network and affiliate marketing back then. They built that company with us Internet marketers Can You believe that?!!! Now they'll freeze your account if you do this.

    I was making lots of those $5 payments from paypal. It was sweet! Those were the days...

    I have since then graduated to better things ;-D
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  • Profile picture of the author Sancho Sanches
    What product earned me my first dollar?

    My own.
    * New Affiliate Black Book Coming Soon *

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    I flipped the first couple of sites I built (because I got bored of them!) and got quite a few thousand dollars for them. I think I made more from the flips then the sites themselves!

    Then, like many others, I CRUSHED with the Traffic Equilizer / Adsense combination... Ah, the good ol' days! :-)
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    Adsense made me my first $1

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  • Profile picture of the author romesaranto
    Honestly made made the with Veretekk about a year and half ago.
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  • Profile picture of the author jig
    Proxy sites created using PHProxy. This was how I learned about SEO as well, when trying to build backlinks for said proxy sites.
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  • Profile picture of the author darman82
    i made my first $1 when i follow Craig Beckta - Secret Affiliate Code. My site was on the first page on google and i made my first clickbank affiliate sale. Thanks Craig

    - Andrian
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    My first dollar (aside from ebay and freelancing) online came from packaging up a bunch of tattoo designs packaged with some software that sold through Clickbank.

    I write copy. Learn More.>>

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  • Profile picture of the author Colin Y
    Don't laugh, I made my first dollar using what Project Payday teaches. I went on to make a few more thousand form that system.
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  • Profile picture of the author jshotz
    yahoo overture
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  • Profile picture of the author luxtor
    First dollar was from AdSense.
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    • Profile picture of the author crimsonbook
      Autocash Method by Ben Shaffer

      Audaces Fortuna Juvat - Fortune Favours The Bold

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  • Profile picture of the author Kezz
    For me, I clicked on a Google ad that took me to Justin Brooke's Site Flip Academy. I bought his site flipping guide, and within a week I'd sold my first startup site. That was when making money online really kicked into gear for me. Thanks Justin!
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  • Profile picture of the author vexxx
    I think I made my first dollar using David Molano's Newbie Blueprint. It was a lot of work for a newb to write those articles, but it it did pay off (not 3k) but I did make a little over 1k that month. But, I kind of combined it with some really helpful info from one of Steven Wagenheim's posts.
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    My first money was Adsense too!!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author Beldin
    Affilorama.... funny name, but lots of good content.

    Basically creating sites with unique content and gets into PPC... I made my first money with SEO only...
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  • Profile picture of the author Patricia1
    I made my first dollar by posting my article writing service in the Warriors For Hire forum. The response was so quick I couldn't believe it.

    For me anyway, it's proven to be a great way to start.
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    • Profile picture of the author Carlton Johnson
      Created an ebook after watching a bunch of DVD's by a UK guy called Phil Gosling who makes a good living creating and selling ebooks. After creating the book I sold it through Clickbank and made my first dollar (actually I think it was about $24.95 )
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  • Profile picture of the author Maximillion_Z
    PHPBay - and still going strong.
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  • Profile picture of the author V12
    By promoting Stuart Lichtman's ebook 'How to Get Lots of Many for Anything Fast' using a free Trafficswarm account some years ago. I sold a few copies this way, didn't have a clue what I was doing, some things never change....

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  • Profile picture of the author Dviau17
    Made my first sale ($22.10) on selling a warcraft leveling guide through google sniper. Sales haven't come in regularly enough yet though

    Winning isn't everything. Yet you should do everything to win.

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    in my early years i just googled the keyword SEO and read all about it. If you like SEO and willing to learn all by yourself than you dont really need to buy a specific product. anyway i had lots of free time, so maybe seo products are best for people with tide schedule.
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  • Profile picture of the author LasseKohau
    Got my first dollars from a squidoo-lens, built around a softwareproduct.

    It was an affiliate-sale = 25 Dol.
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  • Profile picture of the author CianMcCarthy
    Well I made my first dollar online by writing an article for someone. But first product sale was a teeth whitening product from markethealth
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    I made my fist buck from an affiliate sale on a Male Enhancement Product
    Need a website? Get FREE Wordpress installation service! PM me for details.
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  • Profile picture of the author Igor Pauer
    I made my first buck by digging channels for military phone lines Hard earned money - there were no computers, nor Internet these times.

    114.000 pcs of silver jewelry physically in stock. Diamond jewelry also available (in stock).
    We are direct producer. We dropship worldwide. Details of our affiliate, dropship and wholesale program find here.

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