RankFlippr.com Reviews anyone? It's a Paul Lynch & Russell Brunson product

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Hi everyone,

Anybody else received the email by Paul Lynch about rankflippr.com, where they say they are selling domains with thousands of backlinks, that have 'dropped'.

I read about it here:

RankFlippr.com Reviews by Paul Lynch. WARNING. BlackHat Scam, or the Real Deal? | UKDropshop.com

Although basically, when looking at the websites on his site (rankflippr.com) I could not find the back links they (Paul Lynch and Russell Brunson) claim the sites have?

Any ideas?
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    From reading the above review and having taken a look at the site, my understanding is that Paul Lynch espouses buying the expired domains and nursing them back to health with fresh unique content related to the domain. With existing authority backlinks and pagerank already there, in a few weeks you should see your site climb to page 1 for particular keywords. I understand that Google frowns on 301 redirects but It doesn't seem Mr. Lynch is only recommending this. The main idea here is to rebuild the domains. There is no mention of using them with existing websites except for a snippet on 301 redirects. My conclusion is that the review you linked to above is flawed. Am I missing something here?
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      Originally Posted by TrafficBot View Post

      Am I missing something here?
      Yes, the domains being sold do NOT have the advertised back links. Period. Also, if you had read the email he sent to his subscribers, you would also see that the 301 redirects is the MAIN selling point.

      If you doubt this, look at the website they are selling on their homepage right now:

      Age: 5 year old
      36,565 backlinks (Claimed)
      Famous Backlinks from: wordpress.org

      It currently has 20 bids, with 1 hour left for bidding.

      Check the link profile of that domain.....

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    On the rankflippr site it says "

    "Can I search in Google to verify the number of backlinks on these domains?

    Google has openly stated that they will never show backlinks to avoid other people simply trying to copy one's link profile. We have built our own in house software that makes sure we are only offering domains for sale that we know have great backlinks and in turn offer you this game-changing ranking strategy.
    Please watch the first video on our PROOF page titled The Backlink Conspiracy Theory RankFlippr"

    I am not sure I understand what they are saying, because I know there are plenty of software that show backlinks. SEO Power Suite, Traffic Travis, etc.. Yet when you check their sites for sale that they say have like 5000 backlinks, the checks I did on those sites only show like 45 backlinks.

    Is it truly possible that these backlink checking software like Traffic Travis, Spyglass etc do not show all the backlinks for a site but their proprietary software does? I am kinda skeptical about their saying a site has thousands of links but when I run checks on them I do not find even a tenth of that many backlinks...
    > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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    Dropped domains not worth buying, if you go through market You will find thousands of provider who are using dropped domains, but It won't help a penny in Search engine position.
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      Originally Posted by Jacky12 View Post

      Dropped domains not worth buying, if you go through market You will find thousands of provider who are using dropped domains, but It won't help a penny in Search engine position.
      I wonder if what you are saying might be true; but also I wonder if what RankFlippr site is saying might be true: that IF you write new articles and send out press releases etc to one of these dropped sites, you can revive it and then use it to boost another site...? In other words they aren't saying the dropped domain itself will help you any as it is; only after you use their "CPR" seo technique on it which involves writing content several times a week for a month and sending out 2 PRWEB press releases... to revive it.
      > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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    There is one site that was on auction in rankflippr which was resuscitated via CPR and recieving 300-400 visitors per day as a result.

    So if you're being skeptical about buying drop domains, why not buy instead the resuscitated site and see the traffic yourself?

    If the the claim is true, then all the arguments put in here will be moot.
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      i bought their subscription for a month and I must say that the service was pathetic. Very Late/No replies to the emails/private messages on their system. The domain that they suggested was way below the quality that they had mentioned in their sales pitch.
      http://www.directoryshark.co.uk - PR 5 High Quality Authority Directory
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        While it *may* be true, I just don't buy the whole idea of "this site for sale has tons of edu and gov etc. links but you just can't SEE them - trust us, it has them". No, they have to have a way of showing us the links that the domain has.

        And I hope someone will post who has had success with one or more of their domains but I am very skeptical of the whole idea. I think they need to show the links and show the past positions of the domains and so on in order to prove the domain has the value they say it does. Maybe they are completely trustworthy guys but frankly I don't know that so am not going to buy a domain based on their word that it has all these links that "you cannot see because google etc doesn't show them".

        Their SEO service however looks pretty good if they do what they say they do for $300.

        "Live and let live".

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    I purchased a domain which is claimed to be 10 years old by Paul Lynch and also purchased the CPR offer which is supposed to bring back the domains PR rank in a month. It's been well over a month and not much has been done with the site with only a couple of reviews posted on the site. I've contacted Paul and the response I receive is to check back within 48hrs and my site will be updated. This same response I received several times and nothing has been done. All the promises on Rankflippr are all a scam. I'm currently working on getting a full refund through paypal since I receive no response from Rankflippr.
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      I remember rankflipper had a domain for sale trenchdoc.com which still ranks on 1st page on googleuk for the terms like "make money online" which is competitive.

      I personally still use this method and have seen results you don't need to use services like rankflipper when you can do it easily yourself just make sure you carry out thorough research before commiting.
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    @Shortstp73, their "newly"-edited refund policy forbade customers from asking a refund once CPR has begun. I am not sure if it's a deceptive business practice as Rankflippr can easily make quick excuse it was because the search engine algorithm change the reason for their sites not delivering the desired rankings. Please let us know what happen to your paypal refund.

    Pasted it here (updated January 2,2003) because at any time they may edit it to their purpose.
    Refund Policy

    While SuccessEtc typically has a 30 day refund policy on most of our products, please be aware that on rankflippr.com refunds are very limited.

    Please read these exceptions to our typical 30 day refund policy carefully:

    After a domain name is purchased and the buyer takes ownership of the domain (no matter where it's registered or hosted) there will be no refunds offered. Due to the ever-changing nature of search engine rankings, and our lack of control over if inappropriate content, malicious software, damaging backlinks, etc. were used in the period of time in which we didn't control the domain, we cannot accept returns of these domains nor offer refunds.

    Also, due to scheduling, and the labor required to fulfill on our CPR packages, we are unable to offer refunds once the work has begun.
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