Newbie here.. Can someone check out my site and let me know what I am missing? No conversions :(

by 7day
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Hi Warriors.. I am a engineer by trade but I have been in the fitness industry for awhile now. Mike Geary inspired me to sell a fitness service online but I need some help.

What am I missing?
No sales as of yet.

Can you smart people tell me what I am missing?

I really appreciate the help.
Here is the site Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days at Home - 7DayFitness Program 7DayFitness Program

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    you need more traffic to promote your site.
    You can use some SEO techniques. Like Social Media, forum postings, guest postings,
    web 2.0 and etc. your website is great and very neat. you did a great job.

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      Your site does look nice as far as formatting, etc. However my personal take is it's very salesy. I mean the header is a little overwhelming. When I see a home page that is obviously trying to sell me and even includes the price, I'm outta there.

      People are probably coming to your site for info. and they're not necessarily ready to buy yet. Some warming up and personal stuff would be a good idea. This is my personal take on your site Wes. Best of luck,

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    I think the home page is selling before delivering what people want. Great content before a sales pitch. I would ditch the BIG join now with the price button. The price right away turned me off. Of course it also depends on the traffic. But I think you want natural organic traffic with GMO free. LOL Your site looks great!

    I would work on traffic methods, join forums, write articles to directories, social bookmarking etc.. I won't go on. This helps build your backlink profile to help your site rank well.

    Hope this helps.

    Take a look at my blog Webmaster Nerd

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    Hello Wesley ,

    I've been through your site and I must tell you you did a great job in terms of how it looks graphically and how is structured. It looks very appealing! However when talking about monetizing your site, you should pay attention to some other stuff. As I could see you posted many sales links and when browsing your site I couldn't escape the feeling that your only goal is to take money from me as soon as possible. I assume you want to have long term income from your site, right? In order to do that consider this, you must build relationship with your visitors-potential future long term customers. How could you do that? Offer them something valuable for free first then sell them your products. This free stuff could be some general report about loosing weight, how to eat right etc. When they sign in for your free report with their name and email on your sales page offer them to purchase your coaching telling them that for a reasonable price they can get many more details how could they have fit and healthy body for life. You could offer a few free items before selling them your product, i don't know. It would be your choice. That way you are building trust and relationship with your visitors and in time building strong bonds for a long term cooperation. Also with that you are building list of your customers so you could offer them in the future some other products. When you have strong relations with them it is likely they will purchase from you in the future again and again and they will recommend you to other people ! All mentioned above is called internet marketing and I could write many pages about that but I hope I helped you a bit with my contribution .

    Wish you a great and productive business and all the best in your life!

    Do you have dreams? -
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