Help me Out: keyword not ranking first page

by uzojvp
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Hi warriors. I have never ranked first page on google for a desired keyword before and I so desire to....

There is a long tail keyword am trying to rank for now. The keyword has low competition and presently my webpage is ranking in 1st page of google with "quotes". please how do i make it rank first page without quotes because when i search for the same keyword without quotes its no where to be found...
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    There could be a lot of variables at play. Post some more information such as domain age, keywords you're trying to rank for and the domain name.
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    DonHuevos is right. Just keep on posting some info to rank up.
    You can also try some techniques to speed up your ranking.
    Good luck!
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  • Play with other words that are related with your website, and put up new keyword phrases. Brainstorm more. Think of word combinations that can be regularly searched. Anyway, do not forget that your keywords must be present in the website and don't forget to improve the contents. Good luck with that!
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    try using a topix forum post relative to your website. link to your site using the particular keyword you're trying to rank for.
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