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Anyone closing deals with this yet? I know it's a pipeline of suspects. And you can get responses. But anyone doing any real business with this?
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    I have did about 56 "free videos" not one close sent out over 1800 responses to alerts a pretty dismal return I think on the "free"

    I have tried doing the offering the small charge up front method not one response to that type of offer. I am not able to do the face to face as I explained prior to purchasing the WSO which they said was not required but after reviewing the WSO they stress that is the "best way"

    I get the feeling that this was another typical WSO of unproven Ideas than actual proven method.
    Make a quick dollars on the WSO move on as I see they have closed the thread ..... Another new trend that does not allow buyers to actual post results after trying a WSO.

    I am given it another 2 weeks trial but if after 2 months you dont get any results following their system to the letter and no where near the results they claim then well...
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      I really think it depends on what you do once you have created the free video for them.

      In the past, once I got them to agree to the video and I created it for them, I also did an analysis of their web presence.

      So in the same email when I gave them the results of the video, I also either did a video review of their online presence and areas where they were lacking (and I could help them), or I scheduled a telephone or in person appointment where I could go over their results. Then I would bring a print out of what I found online about their web site (or lack thereof).

      Another issue is in the quality of the video that you produce. If your video looks like crap, of course they aren't going to be impressed.

      When they say "Yes" to the free video, now you have a willing audience that wants to see what you can deliver. That's the most difficult part about any type of marketing, and Offline Declassified is what makes that happen. I had tried many methods to gain new customers, and the only thing that worked better than this was a personal referral.

      Anyhow, I had a very good closing ratio as a result.
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