What do you prefer (Windows 8 or Windows 7)?

by BJ Min
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Hi warriors,

What do you prefer (Windows 8 or Windows 7) and why?

I'm thinking of buying a new laptop and was wondering if I should stay with Windows 7 or try out the new Windows 8 and wanted an internet marketer's point of view.

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    I have surfed around on windows 8. Looks great! My one downfall and why I would not go with it is the fact that while navigating around your going to be "Cyber Skating" all over the place. What I mean is the navigation is poor. You have to take extra clicks and move your mouse from the top to the bottom of the screen much more. If your into looks then great but if your into functionality I would say not great.

    I hope that helps.

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    I think everyone is still getting used to Windows 8, for awhile I liked Windows 7 better but now I can see what Microsoft wants to do with Windows 8.
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    I think windows 8 will work fine as windows 7, but i am still thinking to upgrade in windows 8 or not. If you have a touch-capability laptop, i think windows 8 will fit it right. I am still planning to buy a new laptop with touch capability to try the new Windows 8.
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    my vote will be on Windows 7. I tried Windows 8 for pc and laptop. I think i do not like Windows 8 because my stuffs do not have any touch-capabilities.
    I am planning to buy someday a laptop with touch-capability, to try this windows 8 if this is good .
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    Great thread topic. This is top of my list. Must decide soon because the offer to upgrade ends and then it is expensive.
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    Windows 8 everything easy and fast to use! I'm not gonna lie, first few days (1or3 days) may little hard to understand but once you get into it, windows 8 is awesome!

    Learning curve needed like another new os, software's..etc!

    Windows 8 way to go!
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    I use Windows 8.

    Except why should i touch that crappy Metro UI? I use a cracked startisback. That provides a start menu exactly like win7's.
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    I have a touch screen laptop as well as one without the touch capability and I like Windows 8 on both of them. I do not use the tiles screen that often, but everything works smoothly for me.
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      Well as an "internet marketer's point of view", I like to use what I know most ppl is using. I mean the average recreational, mid-low computer savy user. Like that time when gifs stopped animating on IE browser, it was a very easy to change configuration/upgrade, but I knew most people weren't doing it and it affected the way ads were showing. Also the countries I was targeting at the time were like 90% IE users... why people would wanna keep using it? Beats the hell out of me.

      Still, I'm a big fan of upgrading hardware and downgrading software, heh.
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