Combining IMC's Insider Secrets, Richard Legg, and Word Press

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Well I decided to take the plunge into the the abyss!

No really I went ahead and took the plunge into buying IMC's Insider Secrets after everything I have learned about them here from people who have used them.

So far I noticed off the bat though that I think I learned more complete Market and keyword research from a $10 I spent on somthing from Richard Legg.

Plus even thought IMC pushses their Bebiz real hard as a upsell or whatever the right term is from what I've read here and elsewhere I do not have confidence it that product of theres.

I'm now thinking of combining what I'll learn from Insider Secrets with what I learn from Richard Legg on Hostgator with wordpress instead buying into bebiz which sounds to me like its really over rated after all it doesen't sound to me that Bebiz would do any more for me and I have the impression that what I learned from Richard Legg is better Market and Keyword search then Bebiz offers.

So what do you all think about my plan?
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  • Hey Richard --

    Glad to see you purchased the Insider Secrets Course! There's a ton of information in there beyond the sections on keyword research that we hope you find valuable, too!

    It's important to find the information and solutions that work for you, so we're glad to be a part of your overall learning experience.

    One quick note: BeBiz is not just intended to be a keyword research program. Rather, it's a business development and hosting solution that takes people from zero website/business to a fully functioning site that's hosted, has a professional appearance/copy, and processes payments -- along with other support and features too numerous to mention here.

    If you have any questions about the course or suggestions about ways we could improve it, feel free to drop us a PM here, or email at

    We'd love to hear from you!

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      Hi there,
      Could you male contact with me i have a business , well several ideas and jsut dont know how to get them off the ground off the paper and into the wide world of the websites.
      Please help.
      PS all my profits go to the homeless shelter i have got set up in the remote community here where i live. So budget id tight although i have some to invest into turning profits.
      Thank you
      Kind regards
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    I bought the course too and I am really satisfied with it.

    Yes it is true that Bebiz is mentioned multiple times, but it surely is not disturbing + at the same place there are usually other options listed which you can use too. For example for Keyword Research.

    Keep up the good work guys, and say Hi to Derek for me!

    Best Wishes,
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    IMC: Thanks for your quick response, but my name is Tom.

    "Richard" (Richard Legg) is an other Marketer whose material I purchased and like so much that if he had a full start to finish course I would have purchased it .

    I realize Bebiz is all those things and more. However though I am new I for some reason fee more confident in the Free Keyword Tools I've learned about from Richard Legg then what is explained in Insider Sider secrets about what Bebiz offers in that particular area. Plus to be honest though I consider myself a Newbie IM marketer I have had some experience with modest success in the past so I do have some feel for what fits me and experience with installing shopping carts, paypal etc.

    Nevertheless I still am confident Insider Secrets will be worth the investment.

    Part of the other reason that I haven't jumped on the Bebiz wagon is I'm having to do this the least expensive rought possible and I'm just comfortable with spending $47 per month for functionalities I can have for zero or much small total investment. I have much more time then money to invest as I'm a fulltime single father with full custody and have been for 18 years and currently only stream of income that I'm not only using to meet our basic needs, but now to help both my children pay for college.

    It is that plus our current economy and the fact that I'd like to retire in from my lousy Government job that has motivated me to jump back in with both feet into IM, but to do so with a better foundation then the first time.

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    What kind of start to finish course are you looking for? Richard has a full blown traffic course (which is awwwesome) called Traffic Uncut at Increase Web Site Traffic And Get Free Targeted WebSite Traffic!.

    He also co-created a full blown niche marketing/traffic/SEO/market research course, but that's not for sale right now :/

    By the way, I don't think there's anything you could find paying $47/month that you couldn't find in a course for a one-time fee. Unless you're paying monthly for some kind of personal coaching, but that would be unlikely because not many people charge that little for coaching
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Yes, over here, bought this years online version of Insider Secrets... and it's the best ever. So good and easy to follow with great information... that it should be a MUST for anyone selling online. Whether they're new or making a million a month.
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    do you remember name of the $10 report you bought from richard legg?
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      Originally Posted by maryjane123 View Post


      do you remember name of the $10 report you bought from richard legg?
      Sorry to say I don't off the top of my head. However I'm not feeling well today, so if I do eventually I'll post it. However I think it may have been a wso so that may help you...
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        yes tom that does help i can find that myself now. hope you feel better soon.

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    @ Mary Jane

    Here's the link below - Warrior Special Offer by Richard Legg & Willie Crawford.
    There's an upsell after for the course and I highly recommend it. It has already paid for itself!


    Need quality adwords training? The adwords antidote gives you the tools to avoid the Google Slap. Click here to learn more.

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