Niche Socializer..Does anyone know much about it?

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Edit: I see this product already has a thread. I looked and
didn't see one when I posted this.


Hello everyone,

I just got through watching pre-launch videos on a new software
called Niche Socializer, which launches tomorrow. It looks exciting.
Apparently it has the features that has made Facebook the success
that it is, but this is primarily for marketers.

I was wondering if others here know something of this new product,
and also couldn't this be done with joomla or some other software
or script like joomla?

I guess the real benefit of Niche Socializer is going to be the ease of use,
that is claimed for it. They say it does not require technical skills, so it is
easy to setup.

Could someone give their thoughts on this software?

#joomla #niche #socializer #socializerdoes

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