Anyone tried Auto Cash System?

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I just got an email about Auto Cash System. Has anyone tried it? What sort of system is it? PPC, Affiliate Marketing or something else? I would really like to get some feed back about it before purchasing. Any information you could give would be appreciated. There is some sort of members area. Is it any good for newbies?
Thank you in advance.
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      Thanks for your comments. I do have some other courses so I will continue with those. This forum is great to get opinions and comments. Thanks a lot.
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        I too just got an email for the "auto cash system".
        This is the first place I came to for recommendations.

        Thanks for the info.


        P.S. Not sure how to thank someone in a post so thanks to dzoniij7
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    I have not bought it but the name seems quiet enticing. But the fact is nothing is "AUTO" - you got to work hard to make any system work.
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    Thanks for your comments, dzoniij7. I was considering purchasing but will look elsewhere. Like the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is". Randy
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    Not good at all. Bunch of resell rights products with basic info. You won't make money with this.
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      I bought it and was disappointed. It was a bunch of regurgitated material that you can get anywhere on the web. The only thing good about it was the sales page, which sold me lol.
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        Yeah I also bought this and don't waste your time. Just alot of basic stuff I agree with alot of people saying you would have got alot more from just browsing the Warrior forum.
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    Bought it, read it - not worth the investment unfortunately.
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    Totally not worth Buying Save your Cash!
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    If anyone insists on buying this AUTO CASH SYSTEM you can get it for $17 by selecting 'cancel' after trying to close this web page. But for me, it's the TIME I spend sometimes more than the money which hurts when trying out a duff system.
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    no . i dont think so its worth .

    Internet Marketing Product Reviews And Bonus -

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    Hi, I was almost persuaded to buy this product. Maybe they should sell ebooks about how to make very effective sales pages, because had I not come over and read all your remarks here, I would have bought this auto cash system. They do make good sales pages.

    Anyway, now that it's settled, can someone recommend something better?
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    there is no autopilot system or free money making in online business. every products need hard work at the first time then it depends on your effort after that. If the products worth it with a good information promised by the seller then you will see where an 'autopilot' comes..
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    Hi, I am one who was tempted by the sales page and bought the product. I didn't think much of it, as others have said it is basic stuff and I didn't think I would make money so left it alone. Or so I thought!

    I was called by a man from Auto Cash Systems and hard sold a mentor system, basically he wanted me to invest as much as I could into a system he was a part of. I got asked lots of personal questions relating to money. After what seemed like forever he told me he would get his manager to call me as I had been approved.

    At this point I decided it was not for me stated I wasn't interested and ended the call. He called the next day and I told him again that I was not interested and hung up.

    So far I have received 20 calls in 14 days, I have tried blocking the numbers but they are always slightly different or 'unknown'.

    It is really p*****g me off now!

    Potential buyers beware!!!!
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    I just want to make clear, that Auto Cash System and Auto Cash Method are two totally different products and that there is no connection between ACS and Auto Cash Method.

    Hope I have cleared up any confusion.

    Ben Shaffer
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      The same thing was happening to me as was happening to dmgray.

      They were sometimes ringing me 4 times per day and indicating that it was around $15k for the coaching and that I should borrow against my home to do the course.

      I really don't remember anthing in their sales page about the coaching, and I think it was really sneaky og them to require you to use your phone number as your password.

      It's wasn't expensive, but there was nothing ground breaking in it.

      I have found more usefull information here in WF
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    Just a note on the phone number never need to give a correct one unless it is somebody you trust and they need to call to verify. Period.
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    I think it is for people who are new to clickbank. Very basic stuff, you can find better info for free.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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      What I wondered is do you have to belong for life? Only $1 then $47 a month after for their advertising efforts in your behalf. If you ever quit any money you earn goes back to them. Does that mean the current month, quarter, year or whole time you belonged? Of course if I made $100 every 48 hours I'd be more than happy to remain part of it. Can't see that happening. Thanks for the helpful post.
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    Thank you WF,
    Effective copy, back to work.


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    I have been searching the net for reviews on this Auto Cash System. A few say they made money in a few days, but others said pretty much what is being said here; that it is basic information. The sales page is incredible. The audio story is very compelling. But after reading the threads here, I am not convinced I can make a plug nickle with it. I have signed up with other systems that I am currently working on. Maybe I would be better off just pounding out what I have. Good luck to me, eh?
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    Thanks for the update guys will save my money.

    I`am looking for an honest legal business that can make real money online.
    I found one ??????

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