Hostgator vs bluehost 2013 (wordpress shared hosting) Review

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I have been running content sites since 2008 - over 5 years since.
I have two bluehost accounts and one hostgator account. based on the last vigorous updates on google ranking algo.. am giving up content sites for SEO and moving to listbuilding.. as a result i want to be left with one hosting account and retire the other 2..
Question: Do I retain one bluehost account? or do i retain the hostgator account and close the 2 bluehost accounts.
I've already decided what which one I'll retain and I'd like to offer my experience with both companies.. so you can use to decide.. incase you are comparing the two.

Robustness & Reliability:
  • When bluehost goes down - it can do so for 15 minutes to two hours. This can suck if you are in the middle of a launch or a serious paid campaign.. This has happened severally for the last 5 years.. incidentally one account can be down and the other is not.. so it depends with the neighborhood you are set in..
  • Hostgator.. I can't say it doesn't go down.. but atleast I've never noticed. I've been with them for the last 2 years.
Technical support
  • with bluehost It's hard to find one support agent offering a comprehensive solution.. with their live support you can be transferred multiple times across departments.. and each agent doesnot read previous input in the chat.. they ask how can i help.. so you start the story all over again..
  • Bluehost live chat takes a long time before an agent attends you.. on 26th dec 2012 i waited nearly 27 minutes before i could get an agent to attend to me.. who later told me that he can't help because the issue relates to billing and the dept.. will open in 4 hours time .. which i find ridiculous for a company with international customers plus all the time difference e.t.c.
  • Hostgator - the technical team know their stuff.. plus they are willing to even login and adjust some settings for you at no extra cost.. compared to bluehost they tell you to hire a webmaster or follow the neatly designed tutorials and do it yourself.
  • Email limit - i had a socialbookmarking plugin that was sending emails to for distribution.. i used the plugin at bluehost and at hostgator on various websites; the plugin exceeded the set email limit per hour per account. bluehost responds by suspending my entire account.. over 35 websites down .. hostgator responds by disabling cronjobs and informing me via email.. the rest of the sites were still up and running.. (on this issue alone hostgator are more human/ understanding, bluehost i find them punitive implementing every letter on their TOS without warning / delay)
  • if your account expires at midnight .. it gets suspended same minute at bluehost.. with hostgator they allow upto 10 working days to sort your billing and just so you know during this period your services are up and running.. with bluehost if you don't sort your billing your account is deleted PERMANENTLY after 10 business days..
  • I had an incident where my credit card expired and the band delayed to renew it on time.. but i had tons of cash on paypal.. but as you know you cant make a pre-approved payment with paypal even if you have a paypal balance.. if your credit card is about to expire.. the only solution is to make a direct paypal transfer.. so this happened to me when one of my bluehost account was about to expire.. i requested that i send them paypal deposit to offset the renewal period.. they returned the money and said their system only works with paypal preapproved payments.. so services will remain offline until i can sort the issue with getting a new creditcard..
Those are the main issues i can recall.. my conclusion is.. am staying with hostgator and i'll let the bluehost accounts expire naturally..
this is not an opinion.. it's my experience and can be verified from email records and chat items that i've archived on my inbox..
hope that helps
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    To be true presently Both Hostgator and BlueHost are EIG product.. And With my past experience I dont trust them So moved all my accounts to Web Hosting UK

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    After EIG accusation of Hostgator, it's performance is gradually decreasing. Though the Billing and Affiliate of Hostgator is quiet good, and EIG might try to maintain the Quality of Brand Hostgator. Let's see what happens in the future.
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      I am getting more and more frustrated with Bluehost. Their service has slowed so bad and the throttling is ridiculous. I have both a hostgator and bluehost account and am thinking of moving everything to hostgator. The last straw is when I was doing a demo and had to wait for the site to come up and even "draw" the graphics. Sometimes it flies but most of the time it lags. I have 10 accounts to move. Hopefully if I spend the time to move them all and cancel my bluehost account, I won't get frustrated with hostgator and have to move again. Your comment about EIG has me worried.
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    HostGator used to be great, however they're rapidly falling behind the times.
    My scripts require PHP 5.4 to run and HostGator just don't support them.

    Ironically the reason I moved to HostGator is they supported PHP 5.3 when no one else did.

    Now I've got an account with JustHost - who I used to hate - which seems to be running quite well so far.
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    I've used Hostgator and Bluehost in the past year, and have tried several others, and the servers are always overloaded. I've finally found a host for my wordpress sites that seems to be working very well for me, Siteground. Only been with them for a couple of months so far, but they are performing much better for me than the others. I chose the Hosting PLUS plan which offers 2 times more CPU than the standard plan for $7.95 a month. I was paying $25 a month for the Bluehost Pro plan and the server load was always in the double digits (usually in the 20s and 30s).
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    Looks like hostgator comes out the strongest.. I also use hostgator, and although u must say that they made the transfer from my old host sorta painful and frustrating, they've been great. Although it was a ruby on rails site.

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  • I have no issues with bluehost. They are great!
    They are the largest hosting companies. The most people trust them.
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      Originally Posted by options View Post

      Thats a very descriptive view of both the hosting companies. great read.

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      Originally Posted by shanrocks1985 View Post


      I have got many request from my blog reader to tell them which one of them is the best buy, so i have compiled a details post regarding this, i hope this may help those who are confused which one to buy, let me know your thoughts regarding the post,

      Hostgator Vs Bluehost
      Hmm... wonder why it's virtually impossible to find a legitimate review site WITHOUT affiliate links.

      To the OP - good comparison.

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    I rather choose Hostgator, they have massive space, very cheap promo price 0.01$ fast respon server uptime 99%, bet you will like hostgator

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    I personally feel that hostgator is better as they have good support and i have never faced any problem with them so far.
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