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I searched the forum and saw that this topic wasnt up anywhere :confused:

A friend that lives on his marketing income tipped me of this opportunity, if it's another bad product or not, that time will tell.

But iLivingapps looks like a promesing passive income opportunity if you get in on the earlybird.

I think it looks interesting and i will let you people know how it go's

If anyone wants to team up with solo ad's or, just shoot me a pm

Check out the videos to iLA HERE

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    Hey Adam78

    I was thinking about joining iLA...

    Did you join the program? Made any money?

    I might join under you. And JV marketing...

    You can reply marc1robichaud2(at)
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    Guys, this is an over hyped product where everyone's gran and mother are promoting it without any real negative views.

    I havent tried it, and will not try it. It reminds me of a program called penny (something) has a similar concept. I didnt try it either, but people who I spoke to didnt have a profitable experience with it.

    Take it as you will.
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      I dis-agree. I think it is a great opportunity. It is a chance to get in on the ground floor and build a home business. Yes it will take work and time to build it, but show me one here that won't. I think the Compensation Plan is pretty good in that it only takes the 1st 2 levels, (12 people) to make the Fee Free. After that it is all Business Building basics. Keep working it and talking to people. Just like a majority of the business here in the forum. The Self Development Videos that are posted weekly are something that everyone can use.
      With iLA you will receive practical information from top professionals in their fields on topics ranging from:

      Goal setting
      Time management
      Personal development
      Business development
      Leadership development
      Financial management
      Personal motivation, and more

      In addition to having content delivered to your mobile device you will have access to iLA's ever expanding video archive. At your convenience, you can access iLA's content rich library to review past videos and explore subjects that interest you. Even if you don't have a mobile device you can still enjoy iLA from a traditional website and be encouraged to reach for new levels of excellence in your life.

      I have set up a website for my team.
      You are free to check it out and let me know what you think. I just started it a couple of days ago and am working to get setup.
      If you want to join my team you can do so at
      The product pre-launch was Friday Feb 1st. Launch is scheduled for May 1st. Plenty of time to build your team.
      If you have any questions :confused: let me know and I will try to answer them.

      Jerry Clemons
      Building a Business from Home, on a Shoestring Budget!
      The App that Pays in so Many Ways Here
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        Personally, I don't like Pre-Launches because many of the programs/opps end up never launching.

        Also, I heard that they are not paying until after they launch, so some members are having to make up to 3 payments before they can get paid.

        I think I will wait and see how things look once they actually launch.
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    No you didn't post your affiliate link.. I guess we should all sign up then.
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      Anybody made money with this? I just saw it. Since it launched in Feb is it too late for me to join?
      Follow my blog to keep up on the latest Money Making Strategies and Ideas

      Daniel Parsons
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        Originally Posted by danparsons View Post

        Anybody made money with this? I just saw it. Since it launched in Feb is it too late for me to join?
        Hey Dan I joined a little while ago and it is a great structure with really good potential for something long term. Compared to EN this is much easier since there aren't so many products to sell. If you wanted to know more feel free to message me. Or visit the video link iLA
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