Best wordpress membership plugin for subscriptions ?

by sober
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Hi Fellow Warriors

What are your recommendations for a wordpress membership plugin that is gonna be strictly used for subscriptions. There is no product download or nothing advanced, not even drip content. I need partial content protection or teaser content option and aweber integration. I need to protect posts/pages and content on them.

I have come to the following:
  • Digital Access Pass
  • Wishlist
  • S2Member

I really wanted to give DAP a try but they are not welcome on my preferred host ZippyKid which BTW, is very good host when it comes to wordpress hosting. They however support Wishlist and S2Member. But I would give other hosts a try if DAP is that effective/scalable at doing what I need.

What are your thoughts ?

Also, What would be the best match for subscriptions, I mean paypal or and the likes...

BTW, I posted a detailed thread about the same at but I am not getting any love there. So this is honestly, a trimmed down version of an earlier unsuccessful thread.

Any words of wisdom would be really appreciated.
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    Com on guys, give this fellow warrior some advise...
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      I used several of these guys Tips and Tricks plugins on my membership site, a couple of problems on install but now working like a charm

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        @ Global365, Thanks for the input and I have actually been to their site. My impression was that it is a very basic plugin.But if it does what I need and the support is good, I will be looking into it.

        BTW, how is your experience with them in terms of support ?
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          @ Global365,

          My impression was that it is a very basic plugin
          I think my comment in the previous post was too early. I do see almost all features that I need. Thanks so much for pointing me to this one.
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    I've been using DAP for over a year and especially happy with it. I saw your requirements and can assure you it will be perfect for what you're doing. It's clean, professional, well-coded. The features aren't overkill at all. The developers for DAP have built in many useful functions that you might not have thought of in the first place. The way it's laid out and organized is really easy to use and really effective for making money.

    Off the bat, the main differences between DAP vs Wishlist/S2Member is that DAP is easier to use and doesn't have so many granular options in membership (this can be a good or a bad thing depending on how complicated you need your site to be).
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      @blackli0n, Thanks for your input. I am also actively looking into DAP and I have also heard they add a number of functions and also excel in support.
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        I've been using S2Member and have been very happy. I upgraded to the pro version and it is very versatile.
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    Try amember...
    Many memberships site use it..
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