Commission Blueprint, Scam or Legit,

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I've got to say, tonight, I was referred to a Commission marketing plan by a guy named Alex Malave. This sales letter, to say the least, made some of the most exregious sales and income claims I have ever seen. And it even goes just short of guaranteeing that you'll make that mind of money. We're talking about using the lesser known google-adwords-loopholes, to get cash streaminng out of clickbank.

Has anyone seen this program? What is your take?

Commission Blueprint Needless to say I'm a little concerned that he's saying he's raking in 6-figures, PER WEEK using this exact same strategy. I've never heard of any of these guys and wanted to see if anyone's had a look-see....?

Feedback to help us in our buying decisions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I bought Commission Blueprint a few months ago, it is a pretty decent product and helped me out a bit. I am not making what he is, but honestly I cannot say it is a scam as to me it was a legit product.
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    I purchased Commission Blueprint almost a year ago...I will say that it is very useful and very legit...It put me on the right path and made me stick with IM as I was about to throw in the towel...
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    It's a great blueprint for newbies. It also has a great discussion about the Google Content Network and strategies on how you can advertise using it for cheap...
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    I bought it four months ago and I have slowly build up my income to $500 a week. I'm very happy with Commission Blueprint.
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    It's legit, I've just reviewed it. It's a little Basic but if you're new to affiliate marketing it's a good AdWords course and has several templates that in itself makes it worth the purchase price. However you can also join their "club" for an extra fee...

    It's not a scam but I feel there are a lot of options out there for the newbie that costs a whole lot less.

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    Geeze I'm ticked off. I just purchased this system so I could review it. and guess what. If you want a Bonus. The author has you clean out all of your cookies...before you go through the checkout process..

    Hmmmmm wonder what that does to the affiliates that are marketing his product.

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