Reviewazon vs WP Robot vs WP Zon Builder

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Need help deciding which to buy. Would love your feedback. -- Thanks
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    What are you planning to use it for?
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    Originally Posted by napoleonfirst View Post

    WProbot is great. great for what exactly?
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    Both they have good reviews , you may visit you tube and see some related video to understand better.
    wp azon builder is maily to build amazon site , wp robot is more generic ( you can use for any blog or topic) as far as i know, i'm also on the same boat ...need a decision !
    good luck
    Frank Moreno
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      It depends on your project.
      I should recommend you to use WP Robot and/or WP Zon Builder.

      WP Zon Builder would be probably the best plugin for creating Amazon stores, currently.

      WP Robot can be used to create Amazon stores too, but as moreno said, it is rather generic, can be used for Amazon stores AS WELL AS for other objectifs. While WP Zon Builder is specialized ONLY for Amazon (really awesome, but does not have some WP Robot's interesting features).

      You may use one of them or (if you need a lot of features) both.

      Hoping that helps.

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    WP Robot has many features to monetize your website from many sources.

    WP Zon Builder only focus to create amazon site.

    I choose WP Robot because I can easier to customize my Amazon review.

    For reviewazon, I never used it before.
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    even reviewAzon with the latest update as many interesting features....difficult to decide!
    I like how reviewazon make clean post , and the way products are display.
    One tip : always look for coupon ! just google www.brand+ coupon .
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    isn't the content pulled out of Amazon by these plugins considered as duplicate?
    Looking for a quality but affordable graphic designer to partner with. To express your interest PM me with some samples.
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    Just a heads up on WP Zon Builder, you need to be a member of Amazon Associates in order to use it.

    If like me you wanted to use a local server to dummy run the software and design your site then it will not work.

    Likewise unless you have the AWS & secret keys provided by Amazon then it won't work live either as it pulls the info through the Amazon API.
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    i liked more Reviewazone because they can manage shopping cart and calculate totals, this little detail make that users stay more time in your site before to go to end his order to amazon, and google will appreciate much more that in your rankings, becuase you will have a lower bounce rate. Prosociate can do that too, the problem i see is that have poor support.

    International sellers cut your shipping cost using a warehouse in Europe:
    Warehouse distribution center based in Spain with ecommerce order fulfillment

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