VidTrafficPro by Jacob Harrison

by mish_h
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Has anyone heard of this guy Jacob Harrison. I was on his webinar 3 days ago and bought his software called VidTrafficPro. It helps to find YouTube owners and contact them to ask for a link in their descriptions. Sounded great and buying was via SWREG so I knew I could get a refund if things went south . So far I have been unable to run the software despite doing everything as instructed.

I have been emailing them for 3 days to get help with no response... nada

When you open the software you get a whole lot of other people projects flash onto the screen. They then disappear but your own project is in a continual state of waiting for verification from YouTube, despite doing everything as laid out in his training. That and the lack of support are worrying.

Has anyone heard of him or his software? I am starting to feel like it may be time for a refund. At this time I would not recommend his $495 product unless they sort it out and give better support.
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