Free apps for recording your screen?

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I know there are a bunch of apps out there that capture your screen for you -- e.g. for tech support.

I need to make a set of instructions for my customers to use such apps -- i.e. to send me video of what they see on their screen.

but I've never used one myself

i seem to remember ScreenCast or Jengo or something??

All ive ever used is the 300 dollar desktop version of Camtasia. But i think there are some free web ones out there??

Anybody have a recommendation?

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    there's cam studio.. I haven't used it (I use camtasia as well), but my teen ager has (since he was 10), so it can't be too terribly difficult. BUT - it might be way more effort then one should expect in a customer support situation. I would consider just something like gotomeeting.


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    Highly recommend Jing: Jing, screenshot and screencast software from TechSmith

    Have been using it for a few years now - works flawlessly for screenshots and videos.
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    Thanks guys.

    So these are the four listed above thus far:



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      You left one behind and it's CAMSTUDIO.
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    Thanks guys.

    Ok I had a look at all of them:
    4. CloudApp
    5. CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software
    6. Gotomeeting

    And the one i like the best is Screenr.

    Screenr and screencast-o-matic appear to be competitors and have the same business model.

    Screenr just has a more elegant interface. And the download time on Screencast-o-matic was 10 times longer than screenr. Not to mention, the brand name "Screencast-o-matic" is longer and uglier. haa

    The upside as well is, you don't have to login or give your email address--like in Jing.

    So for people who just need something for tech support, Screenr look pretty wicked. I can see that their site is already a PageRank 6 so obviously i'm late to the party.

    But thanks for all the suggestions above.

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    CamStudio is good as well as Jing. However with Jing you're limited to 5 minutes.
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    Does anyone know if Jing has all the same editing features as Camstudio. I havent got around to installing it yet.

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