Email Marketing Tycoon - By Nick Lowther

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Hi guys, im getting ready to launch a complete Email Marketing Course aimed at all marketers from Beginners to intermediate/advanced which includes:

Step-By-Step instruction on setting up your auto responders all the way through to advanced split testing and writing killer subject lines.

The course includes content which helps improve CTR on your facebook ads

Breaking down Email Metrics (analyzing)

Creating your own Lead Magnets

Neat little tricks to ensure you know exactly what your list is after even if you dont have products.

Plus Lots Lots more .

The course will be in the vicinity of $197.00 and im seeking 5 reviewers.

Please note i have posted this on other forums also so when i have 5 that is it i will not be offering to anyone further.


Yes - i would like a video review/testimonial on the product 30sec -2 min long.

Please PM for module 1-4 of 7 modules.

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