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Hey Warriors---
Any reviews or information from anyone that has used or purchased Expert Wordpress created by Alex Sysoef---is Expert WP beginner friendly for someone that has never set up a blog ???---should a beginner up grade to the Platinum level ???

I would appreciate any information on Expert Wordpress "Good or Bad" !!!

Thank You Debra
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    I started out with Alex's first blogging product, Web 2.0 Wealth and thought it was absolutely top notch.

    But when Alex came out with Expert Wordpress (now partnered with Dmitri), I was blown away even more.

    The installer is easily worth the price by itself. I should say was...

    Because he is now giving the installer away upfront and offering additional training as an upsell.

    So, you could easily start with the free package and see if you like it.

    Then, upgrade to some of his superb video tutorials - 2 levels - if you really want to learn how to blog like the big dogs. And yes, this means getting readers, subscribers and buyers...

    Bottom line, this is THE course I recommend to everyone interested in becoming an expert Wordpress blogger. None of the others hold a candle to it in what they provide for the cost.

    And I am aware of (and have bought) many other courses on blogging. Most are reviewed here in this forum.

    With this course, you'll have a fully optimized, plugin-equipped, monetized and customized blog up and running so fast, it'll make you feel like you did a Vulcan mind meld with a Wordpress Master.

    Really, I'm not kidding. My first blog install was with Alex's first product (minus the installer). I had zero prior experience with Wordpress. And I felt like a genius after that install, because the videos took me step by step through the entire process - quickly.

    You do get some basic videos with the free Expert Wordpress installer package, so that should be enough to get you started.

    But the training upsells are cheaper if you get them at the time of optin to grab the installer than they will be afterwards, so be advised of that.

    If you're serious about getting good and profitable with Wordpress in the shortest amount of time possible though, I'd say you should just snag at least the first level of training right away. Platinum if you can afford it.

    And anyone still using Fantastico to install their blogs, when Alex and Dmitri are giving away their technologically superior and mind-blowingly easy to use installer, is still living in the stone ages...

    Hope this helps. Be well,

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    where to find more info of Expert Wordpress created by Alex Sysoef?

    any web URL to look at? Thanks!
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      I have been a premium member of Expert Wordpress since 2008 and I can recommend it. The support and tuition are both excellent, for me it was money well spent.

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    Hey Russ---- Thank you for the detailed review of Expert Wordpress-- It sound good--I want to get a few more reviews before I decide too purchase --- I have been watching too see if Alex runs another WSO with Expert WP ??

    Again Russ- thank for taking the time for doing a great review I appreciate it

    ------- Debra

    keithng---- Thank you for responding --- Try Googling Expert WordPress too find more info on Expert WP----- Debra
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      You're welcome.

      If you're interested in getting started right away, you should just grab the free intro package.

      I didn't make it very clear earlier, but the free installer package that previously sold for the ridiculously cheap price of $27 includes everything you need to set-up a fully-functional blog (minus domain & hosting, of course).

      Including a custom (and easily user-customizable) theme, 27 up-to-date plugins and of course, the installer that does so much of the grunt work behind the scenes (like installing and activating the plugins, for one).

      And they provide video and PDF training that takes you through the install. Not cursory crap, but the full deal. Yep, even for the free option.

      Anyway, I guess I just want to make it perfectly clear that this is honestly the best value on any Wordpress product you are likely to find anywhere, period.

      Particularly if you start with the free installer package...

      To your blogging success,

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    Grahame ---- Thank you for the reply and helpful information---- you can waste so much money trying to find the wright product -- but so far all reviews on Expert WP have been very good!!!!

    I appreciate the review ----- Debra
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    Russ---- I have signed up for the free version of Expert WP and downloaded it--- But it will be next week before I get a chance to look through it ------ I am very surprised that I have not received more responses --- to this review seeing Alex is a Warrior member ???

    Thanks again Russ for the info on Expert Wordpress----- Debra
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    I am just beginning with Expert Wordpress and so far it is really a super product....I have not upgraded and the information provided, but don't need it right now..

    If you are getting into blogging, this tool has what you need to set it up and very user friendly so far...will let you know as I get into it deeper....
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    lburkeau---Thank you for the information on Expert WP --and I would appreciate a review after you have gone into Expert WP in more depth ---Debra
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    I know this is an old thread but I'm wondering if anyone in WF is still using Expert WP and if the plugins are still SEO friendly
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      I use ExpertWordPress - not often, bu most recently just a couple of weeks ago. The plugins that are automatically installed still seem to be popular, well-respected ones.

      But of course, there is a range of opinion among experts about which plugins are best (for example, do a search on All in One SEO vs. SEO plugin by Yoast)

      Kind regards,

      David Best
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