Prosperity Marketing System

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Has anyone had any experience with this?
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    Wasn't this the marketing system that daegan Smith was involved with back in the day? If it is, i didn't realize that it was still around. Could be wrong though...
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      I believe this is Darren Oleanders site. He was a big promoter of a program called "Pay It Forward 4 Profits" My guess is that it's a similar funded proposal system where you join a bunch of programs, insert your primary business link then promote your affiliate link to the funded proposal.
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    Looks interesting. The sales video says it's a funded proposal type deal. I'll research it further.
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    yes it is darren oleanders. these are mlm type sites mostly promoted thru traffic exchanges, safelists and such. Darren and I have interracted on some social sites. Seems like a guy who is legit. Plus he's very reachable. I may move forward on this one.
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    It is very similar to pif4p as someone has mentioned above...Darren Olander is the creator and also owns a hanful of other sites which are of very good quality. List Jumper, Viral Nugget and List Surfing to name a few.
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      I've seen the Prosperity Marketing System around for a few years now but haven't looked at it too closely as of yet..

      I wonder if the owner of it is a WF member and might comment on this thread in the future.

      I think I may subscribe just in case

      If life gives you lemons, turn it into lemonade :)

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    Got this ad today! It seems interesting, need to investigate a little more
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    Originally Posted by cjshu99 View Post

    Has anyone had any experience with this?
    The Prosperity Marketing System run by Darren Olander has been around for several years now and it has helped me generate many leads.
    The system is very easy to use and newbie friendly. Darren always did an excellent job of providing plenty of training and resources for anyone trying to market online to use and produce results.
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    What in ether is that Darren O just had his Paypal account shut down, so in an effort to boost revenue is selling lifetime memberships to his sites where they were only yearly upgrades in the past.
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