Opinions about Terry Lamb?

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I was recently looking for a good IM training course to take and stumbled across Terry Lamb. Anyone know anything about him?

I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around the IM field before I make any decisions about a strategy to implement. So if there's someone else or maybe a book to read instead, I'm game for that, too. After that it'll be ALL ACTION.

I have to get some sleep. Working nights. It's a seasonal job that pays well so I have time and a little money to get a career in the IM field rolling. No fear, just want to understand things better. I'll check your responses before I leave for work.

Thanks in advance for your time and opinions,

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          Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

          Huh Terry, does your message to Baston NOT apply to me for some reason? I know you've seen my posts because one of yours is now edited. I am asking you to speak to the specifics; it's not only your responsibility to do so, but you just offered (see above). Am I bold enough for you?


          Definition of 'Critical Thinking' from the online dictionary- disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence

          Lol yes i saw that also. You cant blame him for not reacting. What can he say. Lets hope people who find him on the web come the the WF first so they can run.
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              Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

              From wikipedia-

              'Machiavellianism is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct", deriving from the Italian Renaissance diplomat and writer Niccolò Machiavelli, who wrote Il Principe (The Prince), among other works.

              The word has a similar use in modern psychology where it describes one of the dark triad personalities, characterized by a duplicitous interpersonal style associated with cynical beliefs and pragmatic morality.

              Machiavellianism is also a term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to be unemotional, and therefore able to detach him or herself from conventional morality and hence to deceive and manipulate others.

              You couldn't quoted that better. To bad he is not man enough to react here. We know he reads this.
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    Looks like a typical MLM'er to me from what I've seen online.
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    there is alot of coaches on this forum. becareful there are good ones and bad ones....and many scammers. i hear alot of good things about bringthefresh.com
    i never tried them but they are the most updated from what i hear
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              LOL true about the the spell check but English is my second language and i hope people will understand.

              I never download books for free but when i typed in the name in google i suggested download behind it. Beside that i did not read the books.

              I only downloaded it to get access to the training. I have bought 2 books of the 3 and i am thinking of reading 1 book because i really like the author of that book.

              Anyway thanks for the tips.
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              Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

              Adrian09, I'm going to make a very strong suggestion that you use spellcheck, particularly for posts of this nature. It will boost credibility and help strengthen your case (or at least not weaken it like an abundance of typos can do).

              Adrian09, congratulations for speaking out loud regardless of the mild choppiness of the communication.

              It's great that you were able to continue this conversation after you explained English is your second language; however, your original message was perfectly clear.

              Communication happens not when the words are spoken; communication happens when the words are understood.

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                Originally Posted by Rainee View Post

                Adrian09, congratulations for speaking out loud regardless of the mild choppiness of the communication.

                It's great that you were able to continue this conversation after you explained English is your second language; however, your original message was perfectly clear.

                Communication happens not when the words are spoken; communication happens when the words are understood.

                Hey Rainee,

                Very much appreciated. Glad to hear it is loud and clear.
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      Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

      You're cute Adrian ..now how are we suppose to know English is your second language, lol. ;p

      But then there is another good reason to use s.c.- it will do the correcting for you, in the process showing/ teaching you the actual spelling- feed two birds with one seed!

      Hey don't worry on the books, even if you do read them (:-D)..i just know people can react very strongly to that, and possibly be judgmental (as it sounds like Terry was). Although I've also met people I who i like and respect who see nothing wrong with it.
      I personally don't endorse the practice. but that's me. I've downloaded free stuff in the past and somehow always ended up with virus (of course that was back in the pc days).

      Back to the issue at hand: it's unfortunate that some people are very different from how they present themselves.
      I don't care if someones making 4k, 50k or 2 million/ month, we are all equal here and no one belongs on a pedestal.
      Constructive criticism is one thing (and welcomed), condescending hubris is quite another.

      PS- your last post looks AWESOME! Good work.

      he he thanks.

      I thought it would show that English is my second language. I think its good you didn't noticed.

      I didn't even new how to use spellchecker i use to type the words in google and then paste them here you can imagine how long it took to write that post.

      Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

      Well not sure if Terry's coming back to the discussion, but in the meantime, my friend emailed me the following after she read both this and the MOBE thread...i think she pretty much nailed it-

      ''His is a time-honored tactic - be a dick and make a business out of convincing people that being a dick is actually a really smart and compassionate way to be with customers and clients.

      Once you set up that paradigm, then hammer home the idea that the measure of great business, great success and yes - even great personal integrity it found in the counting of your personal money stash.

      Once those two ideas are bought by your students, clients, customers, the general public,
      its smoooooth sailing for the business bully from there!

      And yes. you certainly may steal that phrase. business bullies suck!''

      LOL she got that right. The guy is very good in politics to, If you make allot of money Terry Lamb is gonna flatter you to death but to his paying clients he is snobby and nasty.

      There is no marketer i have seen online that uses the angle of 1 on 1 coaching as he does. That promises that he will go out his way for you.
      He hammers on the fact that he is gonna guide you step by step to 1k a day. You really start to believe that he is the guy that gonna help you make you first money online.

      I must give it to Terry it is great marketing. If he would actually deliver what he promise everybody would love him. But he cant.

      He calls his method "the skype method" but its nothing more then a youtube method witch is no problem but why call it a skype method. I mean many marketers redirect there leads to there facebookpage, skype or even there phone number and it would be weird if they would call it there ''facebook method'' or ''phone method'' when in fact they are using youtube to get leads.

      But that was a smart move for his pockets to phrase it that way, because if he would tell on his videos that we must built a youtubechannel for 3 or 4 years like him. everybody would look for a other sponsor who could teach paid marketing.

      When i joined him he told me treu skype after a couple of months he doesn't use paid methods.

      If you look at his channel you see he is making videos since 2010 so he must have built a nice list of all the visitors he got to his videos. Then he became a mobe licensee (he didn't new they had titanium or platinum his own words) and promoted mobe to his list and made 50k. I think this was his breakthrough. Now he was on the leader board and on the sales page of Mobe that was how i found out about him.

      If it wasn't for that i would have never found him.

      Now he jumped over to mitts and is learning how to do paid traffic. What would be a smart thing to do. He cant forever try to trick people with his "great skype method".

      To bad in the marketing world you can get away with this so easy.

      I cant do what he does. Promise people the world take the money and then leave them hanging.
      For him its nothing and the crazy thing about it he gets paid to for his bad business ethics.

      I thought about it and even a couple of friends of mine told me maybe you should do the same maybe in IM that's how they do it. But i am not gonna do it that way. If people pay me money i want them to be able to do the same and duplicate.

      But the 1 thing i learned from Terry people ain't gonna hunt you down like i thought they would do if you wont give them what they expected.
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          Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

          That is correct.. at the MITS event he got up on stage and talked about his various list-building strategies and explained that he spends very little on getting traffic.

          Imagine my surprise then when he was talking to a small group of us privately about a guy who contacted him with $100,000 to spend. Terry suggested that he get fully positioned with MOBE and then spend the other $74,000 on traffic(!!!) (Keep in mind he makes 50% commission on that traffic if its through MITS).

          Besides the fact that Terry himself would not do what he advised the guy to do- what about other business expenses to consider like outsourcing various tasks, etc.??

          It just sounds like bad, hypocritical advice that does not consider other necessary expenses. Terry contacts his traffic, that's how he builds his list. $74,000 would be a helluva lot of traffic to contact.

          Perhaps he'll chime back in here at some point and we can hear directly from him.

          PS- This nation is littered with illiterate folk, so its hard to discern them sometimes from people who English is second language (like yourself). Sounds like spellcheck will end up saving time, who knew? That's awesome.

          Yep. Its not the first time he does that.

          He has a video on youtube explaining very briefly how to make profit with solo ads. So you think he uses solo ads himself.

          Once i told him i spend 500 dollars on solo ad traffic and he told me that i am crazy. Solo ads didn't work etc etc. But i saw his video before about ''how to do a successful solo ad''. and know he tells me this. I said nothing about it.

          Then i saw a person make a comment in a facebook group asking what the best solo ads providers to use are and then Terry commented with a very outdated solo ad directory. Other people in the same group saw that told him that his recommendation was very outdated.

          He said well nobody ever listen to me i am only telling what works. A week before that he tells me with a passion not to use solo ads.

          You better doubt everything he say.

          I really hope for the guy with the 100k he didn't joined under him. But he should make it work with 100k budget no matter what.
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              Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

              Actually, the reason why MOBE recently added 'buyers' (for $160 each) along with clicks is because they've recently discovered that the click traffic wasn't converting like it did at first or how they had expected.

              And so alot of people ended up losing alot money. I don't think spending all your money traffic, especially right out of the gate, is a sound plan.. it's also not guaranteed to work.

              I discussed this with Terry and he said he stated that he himself would never buy the traffic, clicks or buyers.

              Definition of 'Hypocrisy' from Merriam Webster dictionary- the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do (or vice versa in this case)

              Yes true. There are people that invested 40 or 50k and didn't see a roi. Matt realised that then he asked people if they wanted to buy clicks or buyers.

              Of course everybody choose buyers.
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      Originally Posted by nmchant View Post

      Terry's second hand information to his FB group about moi, thought i posted this in this thread already, sorry for late submission-
      (geez, no mention even of what or who he's referring to..clever! )

      "When you ask for a refund in a major business opportunity that others are making 1 Million + in - then lets be honest - you are screaming "I'm an outright failure" to the world.

      Your first set of complaints during the refund request will include comments on how bad the "customer service" was and you will also feel as if your "coach" was supposed to make the system/business work for you.

      You migh...t as well stand on a mountain and scream "the world owes me something and it didn't deliver".

      Customer service and a "coach (employee of the company) was never the answer; in fact you can make sales in any business without outside help at all - ambition and action were all you ever needed - excuses be damned.

      Step one - take responsibility for your own success. Period

      Step two - beware of your own "righteously indignant" state of mind (i.e. you cannot go from the US to Europe on Horseback, no matter how much you try, want to or claim you can).

      Step three - avoid spreading your negative ideas about the company around the internet - smart people know what your complaint is really about - it's about you and your built in failure mindset; you think you are affecting the company - all you are doing is documenting to the world that you accept failure by setting down in the mud while everyone else runs by you toward the prize of success."
      I saw when he posted that. Its very hard to like that guy.
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    Ya, Terry Lamb is a Scam. He is shady. Don't deal with him.He purchased Tube Fool from me, and after a day or so, he demands a refund, which we gave him. Then he
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      Originally Posted by Mark Dulisse View Post

      Ya, Terry Lamb is a Scam. He is shady. Don't deal with him.He purchased Tube Fool from me, and after a day or so, he demands a refund, which we gave him. Then he
      HA! Talk about hypocritical. I'm so glad you're not seen around here much anymore. I have no idea who this Lamb guy is but you were one of the worst.
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    This is what he did. Follow up on previous comment. Terry Lamb is a joke, A MLM scammer. He purchased Tube Fool, and as you all probably know, this is one of the all time great softwares of WF. See here: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...tegration.html So, this guy rights a review of Tube Fool and writes a post on his FollowTerry.com calling me a Scam. That is the title of his post. Then, when i try and comment on his blog, to refute, he deletes my comment and does not allow me to rebuttal his comment. Then, after his blog post, and calling me a scam, he signs up as an affiliate to my SalePressPro.com product and sells the product to people and earns affiliate commissions on my product. He is hateful, spiteful, and bad person. And he is into MLM. He wants to harass people in telemarketing and emails until they join his downline with a crap product, but he makes the money in this MLM.
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