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Any reviews of this product? I like how the obvious actor bashes how other other
courses have paid actors for their case studies. Let me know if anyone has
bit the bullet on this product and purchased.
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    There's a video on youtube that gets into the members area and if its true, things have gotten real ugly in the IM space. The basic concept is to promote affiliate links on facebook and twitter? I used to promote these scammy type products but in all good conscience I could not promote this as I would not be able to sleep at night. Even blind newbies have gotten hip to this. Crying shame.
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    Wouldn't bother. Purhased this, looked through it for a few days. Had a couple of support questions which weren't satisfactorily replied to. In the end I asked for a refund after a comment from one of the support team who told me, I quote "She's not here to make me happy" - go figure!!!
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      My concern for SSC is that my bank blocked the transaction because it was going to China. China? I thought ClickSure was in the UK. I like What Gregory has to say. But now I am unsure because of these issues.

      I am so burned out on all the "Guru" hype. I dont know what is real and works any more.

      I am tired of paying $47 only to get 1/4 of the info then be forced to up sel for another $197 or what ever for some other piece of the puzzle.

      Attention Gurus: you want me to become an affiliate to help sell you warez, dont nickel and dime ME to death. YOU are killing the industry.
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    .........having trouble getting my refund from Clicksure as well.......3 to 7 business days they 8 and Im still waiting!
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      Hi am kind of a newbie and have been absorbing a lot of information on Internet Marketing from this site. I was just about to pull out my credit card after watching their video, but went straight to the WF first to see if anyone knew about this product.

      After reading what pandapeople said about Support's rude comment and their apparent reluctance to refund, it was a no go for me. If you have and show no regard for people who are paying you good money for your product, then it's likey the product is no good either. Sounds too scammy to me.
      Thanks pandapeople!
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        Hyped up sales letters /videos are the first indication of a scam.

        STAY AWAY!!!
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    Safe Simple Commissions formula and software is a scam.

    First of all, the whole premise of this product is to spam your friends and family with your Facebook fan page site that contains really gruesome pictures that contains a ton of unrelated advertisements on them

    Since the ads are irrelevant to what’s being shown, you’re not actually going to make any money.

    I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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      I'm so mad that I wrote a nasty blog post about this product. I also uncovered an interesting thing I saw in their "o.k. you win" part of the videos.... hilariously funny, but sickening at the same time.
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    I just saw the video and it sure seemed very cheezy to me. What's going on with marketing nowadays?
    You can make a fortune generating Bitcoins, find out here...
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    Once again, another quality Clicksure product. In case you didn't notice, I was being sarcastic. If any product is connected with Clicksure, I stay away.
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    Its an Utter Scam, You raise a ticket for a refund and they reply in broken English and dont refund your money. Avoid at all costs,- Bill and his wild promises
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    @Pandapeople, they are scammers mate, they will never refund it
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