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Marketing Leads Suite (MLS) (MLS | Marketing Leads Suite) describes itself as "The Ultimate Marketing Software". I'm not sure if I'd quite go that far, but it certainly is a very powerful tool for any online marketer to own.

Essentially, it's a leads scraper that can find leads from no less than 12 different and important sources:
  • Craigslist
  • Gumtree
  • Yellowbook
  • Google Search Engine
  • Google Places
  • eBay Classifieds
  • Bing Search Engine
  • Yell
  • Yahoo Local
  • Yahoo Search Engine
  • Superpages
The searches in each database can, of course, be refined. Apart from using targeted keywords in searches, you can search specific categories, and narrow the search down by city, state and country. Leads found in this way can include a company name and company address, phone number, email address and website. They can also be narrowed down by age in the case of certain databases, such as Craigslist and Gumtree, for example.

As you might expect, you can use private proxies for your searches, and the makers also offer the use of their own free proxy system. There is also support for using a captcha service for the databases that need them.

One of the features I really like is the ability to isolate leads that have an email address and send them to a built-in smtp system email mailer, where you can have your own email accounts and templates set up. Sending a message to all the leads captured is then a mere click of a few buttons. You can also set up multiple email accounts and determine how fast or slow messages are sent out.

MLS also has a built-in web mailer for use with the databases that have their own in-house, so to speak, email system. This applies to the likes of Craigslist and Gumtree, for example. Again, sending out messages to the leads you capture is fast and very easy to do.

Other features of MLS include a built-in Explorer web browser, which lets you do normal searches without leaving the software, a built-in squeeze page generator and editor, and a built-in scheduler that allows you to automate all the tasks.

The software isn't particularly cheap, but it is cheaper than many comparable software tools, and you certainly get a lot for your money. The price includes a lifetime license and free updates for life. The member's area includes a full set of training videos, and there's live webinar coaching planned, as well as the expected 24/7 support you get.

The software is available for the Windows platform only, so Mac users can only be disappointed. It is compatible with Vista, Win 7 and Win 8, and it runs under the .NET Framework. The software went on sale on Thursday, February 21st, and there are only 500 copies available. After they have all been sold, the doors will be closed, we are told.

I have only had the software for slightly less than 24 hours, so I haven't had enough time to really put it through its paces. However, what I have been able to do with it has definitely impressed me.

I write for a living, and my usual way of getting leads has been to target suitable businesses in Google, take their email addresses, one by one, and paste them into a spreadsheet, and when I get 100 or so, I start to mail them with an offer of providing content for their needs.

This system is slow. It takes me around two hours or more to collect 100 or so leads, which can usually get me four or five writing contracts that can keep me going for several weeks.

Using MLS, I collected over 200 suitable leads with emails, and could have sent them all a message within a total time spent of maybe five minutes. The only reason I didn't send them a message is because I happen to have more work than I can handle at the moment!

This software certainly saves a lot of time, and I can immediately see a number of different ways of using it to profit. I fully expect to make my money back within the next week at least. I'm very impressed.

You can check the software out for yourself at:
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