Could someone PLEASE do a comparison between these 2 CURATOR programs...

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Ok, here are the 2 programs.

Ultimate Video Curator | Ultimate Video Curator

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I can't get both.
I'm confused about the differences between them.
Can anyone clear this up for me (in simple terms)?

Also, there's a detailed thread on WF on the Ultimate one...

WHat I want is a compaison w/ pros + cons that talks about BOTH of these items.


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    I've used both.

    Curationsoft is a desktop application that searches various sources for content - then helps you format it nicely and add it to a website that you own.

    It's pretty cool as you just drag and drop and instantly have a well formatted news story on your site. You can post to pretty much any type of site that has a wysiwyg interface (blogger etc)

    You can choose from many different sources including Youtube and Flickr - so you can use it to build many different elements on the page.

    Ultimate Video Curator has 2 main elements:

    1. It is a wordpress theme that is specifically designed to display videos in a manner that will keep people clicking around your site. It is not a really beautiful theme - but it is certainly VERY functional.

    2. The second element is the Video curation plugin - you simply enter a source keyword and are given many videos to choose from - the plugin then gives you various options to format the video and text in the post.

    There are other auto blog type plugins on the market that do basically the same thing - but UVC's beauty is that it makes it dead easy to craft a great looking post with little or no skill required. The whole process is very fast and kinda fun.

    I am using both of them together. I set up the video post using UVC and then I use Curationsoft to grab some news stories from the web and put them into the post.

    I am using the free version of Curationsoft because my paid version expired and I'm kinda pissed off that they don't offer any kind of discount to past customers now that it is a one time fee!

    With the free version of Curationsoft you can only pull content from Google Blogs - but that's enough for me as I already use UVC to pull video content.

    Just keep in mind that you will still need to write some original content for your post or all this will be for naught!

    Hope that helps.
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    Wow thanks! Thats a great review.
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      Don't buy Viral Video Curator - the support SUCKS! I will be getting a refund.
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