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I've been rushing to try to make enough money so I could afford to
go back to that famous(at least in my eyes) order page where all the
Fantasos Special Features are listed. That page I have looked at, at
least 10 times over the last couple months trying to save enough so I
could just buy everything there. JVManager® 2 | Fantasos™

Ever since you first announced the end of upgrades to Fantasos,
and the new system will be born on 5/17, and that the end would also
come to the ability to buy all of the plug-ins; I have been scampering!

For several weeks I've been getting closer and closer to adding up
$1975.00 I knew that was what the amount added up to because I had
done the math more than once. Then came the message of 4/12,
with the reminder that turbo members get a 50% discount. I did the
math. All the plug-ins Plus I wanted to get John's Little Script as well.
It all added up to just over $1030. Wah Lah! I had enough!

I started typing in my email and was proceeding to fulfill all my
Fantasos needs at once.

Then at that moment the telephone rang...

On the line was my sister who lives about 1200 miles away. She had a
pretty bad hard luck story. She's been unemployed for over 6 months
and her husband just barely makes enough to pay their bills. She said
they had got behind on their house payment and were desperate!
They had to come up with $1500.00 within 3 days or the bank would
begin foreclosure on their house.

It almost made me want to cry, but I knew what I had to do. I told her
to expect an email in a couple minutes from paypal. The money would
be there so she could save her house. All she had to do was transfer the
money to her bank and make the payment.

And of course, she called me right back to let me know it was there, and
to tell me how grateful she was.

So then I went to the forum to look at that thread again, the "OFFICIAL
ANNOUNCEMENT about the new platform coming" thread. I read it through
again. I swear as God is my witness I did NOT see the 70% coupon before.
Was I just blind to it, or it was God's way of helping me save the money so
I could help my sis from losing her home.

Whatever it was, I didn't see that coupon until today.

What a surprise indeed! Of course matching with his over delivering
style: "turbo members now get 70% discount instead of 50%"

So I remembered the email that came earlier this week. I went back to look
at it. Sure enough there it is: 70% off coupon.

Wow, is it odd or is it God?

OK, so now I have hope again. I sent most of what I had saved for
Fantasos out to save my sis from disaster. But with new eyes or "the Gift
of a New Pair of Glasses" that generosity has brought me back into the reach
of it's still possible...

My hope is renewed and my faith is restored!

I did the math again. I took each amount and applied the coupon to
that amount. It all added up to $555. I was still short by a couple hundred.

Then came the mail-man. You won't believe what he had...

A check from Clickbank for $240.00, it added all up to a nice round
number of "Five Seventeen". Can you believe that!

So here is the real kicker...

I loaded the order page once again!

I filled in my email address and applied the coupon. $14.10 was the answer.

I couldn't believe it. One after the other, every item there was the same
price. All total, $211.50 then John's Little Script $47 for a grand total of
$258.50 for $2022 worth of Turbo scripts.

I honestly would have paid that entire amount. I was prepared to do just that too!

Fantasos, probably would not have let me do it though! As soon as I added my
email address I saw the first discount. All the prices dropped to $47.
Even at $47 for 15 plug-ins adds up to $705. And then add in JLS adds up
to $752. All according to my math, anyway!

So after all that I had to go back and try it again just to see if maybe,
just maybe I was seeing things or maybe Fantasos had a glitch and was
giving too much discount. It turned out the same again.

And THEN I remembered! he had announced a Customers' Appreciation Plan
for those customers that paid a specific amount in the past....


So Fantasos was changing the prices accordingly!!!




Wait, there's more!



OK! So if that's not enough, let's do a little math...

I needed $1975 - the year I graduated HS
I had $1777
I was short $198
sis's house $1500 - a generous gift to give when so much is at stake! (for me)
Left me with $277
Check came from CB, $240 - a total surprise
277 + 240 = 517 John's BD

Believing I only had enough to get 14 of the 15 plug ins, I proceeded
to get all except Pagseguro. But then I saw the extreme discount so I got that
one too just as a measure of symbolic gratitude for completeness.

In the end I spent a total of $258.50 after starting with $517

258.50 X 2 = 517

I got everything I wanted and only spent exactly half my money!

So, now for the icing on the cake...

After all was said and done my sis called me back. She wanted to know
if I knew of anything she could do to earn some extra money!

I could add the message here I sent to her, but I think it will do just to
say that I have a new student in the IM business! Her first assignment is
to read the "Big Yellow book of Turbo Marketing Secrets." Not once, not
twice but 3 times and take notes on her third time reading.

I also told her, knowing she has quite a lot of experience working with pdf
files from her previous job that that could be just the edge she needs to
become very successful in the Internet Marketing business.

At this point, up until today, she didn't even know what an ebook is. Where
she worked they just called them pdf's and well, that's what they call 'em!

So she has no bad habits to break, nor any bad information to recover from.
So if you check your subscriber list today, you should have Teresa ... as a new
subscriber. That's My sister,

with no danger of losing her home today!

Thanks to TurboMembership!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading that story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Your friend and fan!
#fantasos #turbomembership
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    Hi Scott

    What a great story! Makes me believe that a higher being smiles on those of us that follow John.

    I have been a Turbo Member for just about 3 years now and I thank the day I was smart enough to join.

    As I am fond of saying, I would rather starve than give up my Turbo Memberhship.


    If you want to learn how to build a RESPONSIVE and therefore, PROFITABLE list download this FREE 20 page report, 'Building A Profitable List' from: http://donna-suggests.com/BuildingAProfitableList

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    Hi Scott,

    I have known John since 2002, and have some great memories of John
    in his early days that are not in his ebook.

    He did something that I have never known of anyone doing. In every issue
    of his newsletter he would let us know how many new subscribers he got
    from the previous week. You could feel his excitement coming though his
    email. Some people may have though he was bragging, but John's
    sincerity was really easy to feel.

    The way things worked out for you was was not just a coincidence, and
    I am glad to see you realize that.

    What most people don't know about John is that his success is not only
    because he works so hard to make another dollar, or to gain notoriety,
    it's because he is such a giving person of himself. And not only that, but
    John puts God first in everything he does.

    Donna, you're thinking is is the same way I believe

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    Talk about about a VERY cool story!!!

    Sounds like LOA is working magic for you these days...

    Now, you have all the Fantasos Plugins... and according to John...all should work with "D" that is just around the corner...
    So, What do y'all think?
    Dennis Gerik
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    Scott you couldn't have asked for more "luck"...

    Also, as dgerik said, with the new coming platform, you will be more than fine.

    And you know the best thing about the new ecommerce platform coming soon? It is going to be free (we like this don't we?)

    I am looking forward to its release.

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      Hey all ...
      especially John!

      Being a TurboMembership member means a lot...
      It changes everything! /as the adv says.../
      -if you do know the meaning of change is-

      I bet this is the IM-membership that will stay longer than others
      for the reasons that only TMers know.
      /you will keep grabbing in the dark the reasons as long as you stay off the fence/

      Being a TMer is not merely being a better marketer,
      but a better human being.
      One thing I rarely seen at any other memberships.

      So - if you want to be a member of any IM-membership,
      make sure TurboMembership is in your #1.

      Believe me in this...

      It's my honor to be a TMer!


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    What an uplifting story, thanks! Sold me, heh.
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    Brilliant story.

    Law of Attraction eh?

    But there will always be the ones that call it coincidence!

    Good Luck to you.


    Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

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    Thank You to everyone who has added a comment.
    It makes me feel good too when I find I have more... Turbo Friends.

    Your friend,
    Scott Anson \\\=========>> "Internet Marketing Insider Secrets"

    - Learning to make the Star within You shine...
    ...The more You know, the more You have to Learn!
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      Great story. The kind we like to hear.

      I came upon TM round about the time I had got
      involved with a program that charges thousands
      and I'm glad TM was there to pull me away.

      TM is what I have been looking for, for quite some time.
      TM has allowed me to find things that I don't think I would
      have found otherwise. LoA does happen.

      I can't wait to get my copy of Delavo.
      Tommy Linsley -Influence me on Twitter... Quick, easy,... What are You doing?
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