Best Membership Site? Optimizepress, Kajabi, Wishlist???

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Hi Warriors,

I am launching a product in the how to buy and sell cars niche and want the best and easiest, reliable membership site that looks great and has some flexibility and is easy to upload and manage.

Please can you take a minute to tell me if Optimizepress membership plugin is good, I heard its buggy..?

Also Kajabi although its $97 monthly heard its great.. and how about Wishlist?
Or Nanacast? or FusionHQ which I heard is really good??

I am running a wordpress based site with Genesis 1.9 framework and child theme.
Am looking at running this offer thru Clickbank, Clicksure etc..

I want also it to be secure and locked content so no one can rip off the videos and course and upload it to blackhat sites..

Thanks in advance for your thoughts..


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    Hi Jamie,

    From experience wishlist wins over optimizepress. It's a whole product suite developed for creating membership sites. I myself had a pdf converter website a year back and i ran it on wishlist. The main feature is multi-level memberships and the download links are actually hidden like dl-guard. Also wishlist is amazing because of it's one-time purchase fee. I think kazabi is recurring or something.
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    wpmudev have a membership plugin that is very, very powerful:
    WordPress Membership Plugin - WPMU DEV

    Check it out. I'm amazed that it's only $19.

    BUT, I have to warn you, the learning curve is a little high, but once you conquered that learning process, you'll love it.
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    I used wordpress with wishlist for 12 months but finally made the move to kajabi and my members love the layout
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    Just a heads up, no membership site can protect your product. Membership sites have a lot of very good features in day to day management but nothing is safe on the Internet as far as videos, pdf's, or whatever.

    Most popular products are posted on the BlackHat Forumn or warez type sites within hours of release. And it doesn't take an expert. It sucks but it's all part of the program these days so don't let that be a big factor in your decision.

    Kajabi is one of the best due to being easy and very powerful. I think they still have a free 30 day trial if you want to give it a hands on spin. The base price is 99 per month with limit on members (1000). 199 for 5,000 members and enhanced video and content delivery and then goes to 299 for 12,500 members.

    The trick with membership sites is to hold your members for as long as possible and making the membership as easy to use as possible is really important.

    None of the plugins can really compete but the ones you mentioned are pretty good too if you don't mind some tinkering and have a tight budget.
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      There is no one set answer for this. You need to figure out what type of membership you want and how you will format the content. Once you know what you want to do, then you will know what you need in the platform.
      Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
      Fast & Easy Content Creation
      ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    I recommend WPMU ! for wordpress platform.
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      Hi Jamie,

      I also recommend on Wishlist Member as a membership plugin. It's very easy to understand and manage.

      Plus, if you are selling a product then I'm guessing it's probably going to be a course or a downloadable product. Am I right?

      If so, I would recommend using Optimizepress as your theme. I sell all my downloadable products using Wishlist as my membership platform and Optimizepress as my theme.

      Hope that helps. If you have any questions regarding Wishlist, I would gladly help. You can PM me

      Good luck,

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        I went with Digital Access Pass and then just used OptimizePress for the "theme" and sales letter. I like that not only did I get to protect content, I could also drip both content and an integrated autoresponder, plus an integrated affiliate program. It integrates with Warrior Plus, both standard and Adaptive Pro, JVZoo and clickbank. It seemed the most full featured membership program and I don't think I have even scratched the surface of what it will do.
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          Has anyone had any experience of using membergate software for a membership site.

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            Originally Posted by safe as houses View Post

            Has anyone had any experience of using membergate software for a membership site.
            I've used Membergate before and can highly recommend it. The software is well-coded and Tim Kerber is an honest and upfront guy.

            When you buy an expensive piece of software like Membergate, much of what you're paying for is support and service.

            Yeah, you could build your own site using Wordpress and a membership plugin, but you need to have coding experience and be at least a bit tech savvy. If you don't need any hand-holding, then this is a cheaper way to go.

            Then again, if you're spending the money to buy Membergate, you're more likely to follow through with your membership site.

            The software really isn't the issue. It's the membership site idea you have (is it a good one?) and (will people pay for your information?)

            If you can't answer these two questions, then it doesn't matter what software you use or how much it costs. You're site won't succeed.
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    I am selling my lifetime license of FusionHQ. If you're interested you can PM me or email me at

    Ron Parker
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    Any other membership site questions, feel free to ask. I also have a lot of free tips on my website at
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      I have an Amember Pro License for sale which I have never used. If you are interested send me a PM.

      Many thanks.

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    The membership software you don't often hear about is FastMember. This about to change....

    We constantly put out updates and once you see how fast you build a membersite using this then you'll realise it doesn't have to be difficult using WordPress.

    It will integrate with any WordPress theme including OptimzePress and offers too many powerful features to list hear without sounding like a complete shameless self promoter. (Actually I am, but we all should be)

    Checkout the link in my signature to watch a full 37 minute video demonstration of why FastMember is a powerful choice for setting up your membership site

    Any questions just ask or PM me

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    How about the plug in WP Profit Lab (or WP Sales Automator - same thing repackaged)?
    > My Promise To You: I will never promote any offer I do not truly believe to be 100% worth buying and using!
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    I've opted for Optimizepress with Dap...they both cost a little but they integrate very well together and both offer a lot of tutorials with very good support.
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