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Hey warriors, whassup?!

So, I was browsing my email ( junk folder) and I saw like 10 same emails from 10 different people promoting this site,( [Free Commissions] ) so I clicked just for the hell of it, and what I saw was one of the most hilarious sales videos I've ever seen. The People in this video sounded like they were rejected from Law&Order casting.

The video was so cheesy, I decided to google it. Guess what i found? Absolutely nothing...

So, my question is. Does anyone know what that crap is? Anyone saw that guy before? Is it MLM? Pyramid? Has anyone actually joined it?

Now, OBVIOUSLY, I'm not promoting it. As a matter of fact, if you actually spend 50 bucks on it, you need to give me all your money, cause you don't know how to spend it..

I wanna know what that is...

I'm not gonna go to sleep today, until I know what that stupid thing is!!!!

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    Mehhh.... NEVER MIND. I had a guy messaging me.

    It's just some scammy tool that spams your Facebook. It doesn't even work right. How disappointing....

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      Originally Posted by Vadimarket View Post

      Mehhh.... NEVER MIND. I had a guy messaging me.

      It's just some scammy tool that spams your Facebook. It doesn't even work right. How disappointing....

      The product launches the 18th. How do you know the tool doesn't work, did you buy it early?

      Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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    You should of kept clicking on the site you could get the worthless piece of crap for a buck, "Because You Are The Winner" LOL
    I've seen cheesy but this is Cheeeeeezy
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      Just another typical "Shiny Object Syndrome"

      Sad thing is, there will be a lot of newbies that will fall for it looking for that one push magic button software.

      What's the point of having a sig if no one buys from you?

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    Another "beast": CommissionCoverup
    This is the most funny: "Before you continue, please note that your credi chard charge will show Clickbank or CLKBANK*COM." (
    although is not sold through CB!
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      "Most members make thousands of dollars within their first 3 days of using 'Free Commissions'".

      That's a direct quote from the final video.

      I guess they're just hoping the FTC won't notice that...
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        Yes, the video is cheesy, and if you do the "Stay on Page" dance long enough you can get this "system" for $1. But the BIG RED FLAG is that you will be giving your credit card number to Clicksure.

        I made that mistake with another of Tim Alexander's products and got double-billed. And Clicksure was savvy enough to make the second billing look like several purchases of lower priced "products," and they were convincing enough to have my credit card company rescind the provisional refund they had given me. And since Clicksure is in China, well good luck on ever getting any money back from them.

        I've read posts all over the net from people who have been ripped off by Clicksure. So if you see an ad for anything that you have to purchase through Clicksure -- RUN THE OTHER WAY!

        Hope this helps,
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    It sure is a scam!
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    Yes, Clicksure which is overseas is outside the jurisdiction of the USA FTC. My unsubscribe rate is already very high. In addition, many of the big players have left Clicksure because US credit card companies block their holders transactions which is the biggest market. I am predicting they will not survive.
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    I know this might sound horrible but I was really hoping the guy at the start of the video would fall down the stairs.

    There's my "intelligent" input into this review thread

    James Scholes
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      Originally Posted by xxxJamesxxx View Post

      I know this might sound horrible but I was really hoping the guy at the start of the video would fall down the stairs.

      There's my "intelligent" input into this review thread

      James Scholes
      LOL, smashing his head in that huge mirror would make it into Candid Camera at least.

      I didn't liked the guy's attitude anyway, he talk's to viewers like "buy me or you are an idiot".


      Affiliates Wanted! Make anywhere from 42,- to $72 in commissions. Simply Recommend the Best QuickBooks Pro Video Course available at Clickbank.

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    I just found out about this scam although I never trust products that have these types of cheesy videos. Check out Eric Holmlund blog post. Free Commissions Review - Tim Alexander & Tim Atkinson Clicksure Scam Exposed | Eric's Tips He actually purchased it to see what it was all about.
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    I also received an email about this but I didn't mind it at all. Then I saw a FB post telling it is a scam. It's only after seeing this thread that I got curious about it so I watched the video. I didn't continue it since obviously, it's a SCAM.
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      (Posted this reply in another response to is a TOTAL SCAM. Steer clear of it. I purchased to see what the competition is doing. I paid $39 (for basic entry level) + $197 for the "$100k/month upsell". Once you purchase the basic, and you're inside the members area, there is nothing but dead links, a lame "support" link that no one responds to, and a few lame video tutorials. Once I purchased the "$100k/month upsell", I accessed an area with two software programs. They are nothing more than bots or scripts (Scrape Bots). In fact, these sames scripts were for sale in Warrior Forum for about $19 (in the WF archives - not for sale any more). You could also create your own bot/script using either one of open source softwares called Blackwidow and BrownRecluse.
      Even if you purchase the FC's $39 entry level - it's mostly "upsell" videos (maybe one or two real training videos). I recently intended to include FreeCommsisons in my IM product review blog and went back to the ( website yestday (to do some screen shots) - but it's no longer online - Instead I was referred to a new website (auto-referral) called Commissions Conspiracy /Empire Network - which consisted of a NEW SCAM VIDEO with Tim Alexander. In this new version - Tim Alexander and another individual named "Wayne Dryer", claim to confess to being paid actors (for the OLD FreeCommissions product) and that they have stolen some thumb drive with a secret Instant-Millions software from their old employers (who are supposed to appear to be mobsters. Oh and of course the mobsters are on camera!). They claim that with the intent of "truth and justice", Tim and Wayne have stolen this software and are "coming clean" with it. Now they want to resell it to YOU (gullible consumer) for the low price of $47. Now do you think if they stole a multi-million dollar cash-cow product from "the mob" that these guys would be walking around? No! They'd be swimming with the fishes with concrete boots! Give me a BREAK!! It's criminal but it's SO LAUGHABLE! This is such blatant fraud, that it's astonishing that no one has reported them to the Federal Trade Commission (or the FBI Internet Fraud Division)! Maybe someone should!
      Also, after purchasing the FreeCommissions product(s), I was swamped with phone calls from telemarketers claiming to be associated with Tim Alexander & FreeCommissions. I never gave them my name & phone number, but the callers knew. These Pond-Scum (FC) got my personal information from the credit card transaction, and then sold it to every telemarketer on the planet. After a week of non-stop phone calls, I told these people to put me on the "Do-Not-Call-List". They kept coming (another week), until I told them that I was tracing the calls & forwarding their info to the FTC. The calls stopped.
      Also, you cannot get a refund! Impossible - they don't respond. The affiliate product company Clicksure, that handles the transactions is out of the country - not within US legal jurisdiction. So good luck suing them. While the FTC may not be able to snag them - the FBI Internet Crimes Division - may be able block them.

      Bye the way - Mobile Money Code - IS IN FACT a legit product. It's internet marketing training AND mobile website development tutorials (so you can sell real mobile websites to businesses). They provide a decent quality product even for the LOW entry-level purchase. (Although lately he is selling other affiliate marketing products, I have been swamped with emails). If you do want the upsell - (you'll find after one of the training videos) - it's the same thing that these clowns are trying to sell for $197. What this software does is - you type in a keyword or niche - and it generates a website (most likely using Wordpress templates) -complete with embedded videos and affiliate product links. Great idea - however, the downside is that they want you to host on THEIR NETWORK (and pay them mucho dollars a month for hosting). I don't like hosting with these large networks (Google doesn't like them either, subdomains tend to get ghosted a lot on these large networks) - I like to host my own -(Hostzilla, HostGator or Godaddy) at a fraction of the cost!)
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