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Hey guys..was curious if anyone has purchased this product?

The thing that's bit annoying about the sales page is it advertises "Make such and such thousands of dollars with this", shows all the recurring payments however it's just a scrapping software and loads emails for you to send to businesses. Hardly worth much unless you're familiar with the industry. The actual meat of how to make money is the OTO. This is what their support indicated to me.

So I was curious if anyone else has heard/purchased it and knew much about it?
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    Hmmm....can't believe no one has responded yet. I see a ton of affiliates offering this for sale, though.
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    Yes, I bought and within an hour I asked for a refund... The product is junk... It does not do 10% of what Lead Kahuna does...

    I purchased on 3-19 and asked for my refund on 3-19... I also purchased the OTO. I spent almost $50.00 and have yet (4-8-2013) to receive a penny back for an inferior product.

    I hope this answers your questions... In short stay away from anything that is made by Dan Lew...

    Thank you for asking,

    Bob Newton
    Always looking for a better way to do anything... Simple is better... When I find something GOOD,
    I like to share it with others...
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      It is just junk by Daneil Lew, and since 2 weeks they didint refunded my money.
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    Try to post in the Products review section of this forum...


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    Excellent, now I know!

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    His customer service is trash. He finally responded back to me his self after 8 days, so he did honor his refund policy, but his customer services rep are definitely non-english speaking and lack common sense .... They kept responding asking me the same questions over and over again. The problem I have with most of these marketers, the lack of full disclosure. I purchased with the hope of downloading this on my MAC desktop, but it on works on Windows unless you have Parallels or some other similar software. It wouldnt hurt to put a disclaimer or FAQ on the sales page.. But needless to say, I go my refund..too bad, looks really good as a software..

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    Dang, wish these reviews had been posted before I bought! Have to say I agree with the negativity. I gave it an honest try for a full week and my results were extremely poor.

    In addition to pretty bad e-mail support, ARS is advertised to extract from 9 sources and only extracts from 3.

    The chat support was better than the email support, the reps had a command of English and took care of me promptly, but been waiting over 2 weeks now for a refund.

    Stay away is my recommendation as well!
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      I can't even access the product... tried their chat system and no one ever showed up. Emailed 3 times and no reply.

      When I try to access, it says I'm not active, so I got nothing for $47.

      Bought back in March, but will talk to Paypal. My first time posting a bad review and never previously had any Paypal disputes.
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        Gosh....I don't do much research , which is not a good idea. The product of course is a piece of s.... How can I get my refund back after these few months. Anybody can advise ?
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    My best advice to everyone on WF or any other forum is:
    Stay far away from any software(or any product) touted by Dan Lew. I have bought three different softwares including AWS and all quit working. Can't even login to members area on them. Support is now completely non-existant.
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    Agreed @tinanad - I keep getting "robbed" by anything Daniel Lew has anything to do with
    1. Auto Reputation Suite
    2. Easy Social Ranker
    3. Online PR Submitter
    4. Keyword Winner
    and my and final theft of my money - Local Avenger!

    My fault totally for being an idiot and not checking in detail the author/promoter. Unreal!

    Oh well, the cost of getting rich quick online LOL
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