Which ShoppingCart to use for CPA + Affiliate Traffic?

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I currently use Premium Web Cart for my shopping cart and affiliate tracking - although I think I may need to move on as the statistics and reporting is not really what I'm looking for.

I'm going to start running CPA traffic in a few days and have running aff. traffic for the past few weeks, and while things are working and I'm making money - the reporting in my opinion is severely lacking..

I'm not sure if I'm jaded because over the past 5 years I've been using Clickbank, Clicksure, RevenueWire, etc to sell my products and other peoples - but on those networks - I was always able to see a detailed report on the website with sales, refunds, conversion rates, EPC, gross sales amount, net sales, etc.

On PWC I am only able to see sale amounts, conversion rate, clicks and EPC.

In short, it's leaving much to be desired and we need aff tracking that will give us excellent stats, and a shopping cart that we can control the design on and really customize, plus pull our leads off of and that integrates with GetResponse/Aweber via an API feed.

It's just lot easier and a lot more profitable for my company if we're tracking the stats as accurately as possible.

Does anyone know if BigCommerce, Shopify or any of the other shoppingcarts out there offer detailed tracking as far as sales, refunds, gross and net sales, refunds before and after for affiliates, etc. ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you so much!!
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    Hi I am in similar boat deciding between 1ShoppingCart and Premium Web Cart.

    Premium Web Cart vs. 1ShoppingCart - Just2Technical

    Learn toward Premium Web Cart because it doesn't seem to have as strong affiliate marketing services.

    So when you you Premium Web Cart can't do the follow...

    "website with sales" - I can not see the referring website the affiliate is using?

    "refunds" - I can't see the affiliate's refund rate?

    What are the down falls of ClickBank their high fees and mandatory 90 day refund policy?

    Thanks a lot currently on the hurt as well, will keep you posted!

    Seen a few recommendations for Nanacast.
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    I tried premium web cart but couldn't stand it. I have a nanacast trial but it doesn't let you sell host their order form. I'm looking hard as well Javan! Day in and day out!
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    And BigCommerce and Shopify is looking pretty good, per this thread..

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    Same boat...

    Seeking a front end merchant and tracking/marketing back end CRM solution. I hear Limelight is the best, but no way Im paying $3,500 set up fee and $1,000 per month.

    Anyone recommend something for CPA trial offers for me?
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