The Easiest System Ever By Devon Brown

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I am thinking about buying this program from Devon Brown.
But i wonder if anybody in here have had some experience
with this program?
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    No, I have not tried this (Easiest System), but I just sat through his sales video and some testimonials.... then I did multi-Google searches.

    It seems to me that you will pay to join what appears to be multi-level marketing or at least commission based (I did not join, but I did find a page that people who join are sent to). You seek others to become members under you. Yes, I guess Devon's staff actually do the sales calls, but it seems you have to find them leads.

    Now for a fee you get a sales funnel with optin page, etc. And so they give you material for a website, and this would seem to be a duplicate of what everyone gets. Not sure, maybe they host it, but regardless I can say you would not have a unique website since everyone else would have the same...

    I am not interested in having a website exactly like others because I doubt Google would send much traffic. While one could learn several IM skills by being in a program such as this (and maybe earn some money?), I will learn funnel building and traffic getting methods independently elsewhere I do not have to pay a fee to become an Affiliate.

    Of course if you find out what products they offer others, and if you like those and would feel fine promoting them, then maybe you'd consider this to be a good way to get started in business, since they are doing much of the work for you. You do have to learn how to get traffic = people to come to your website and enter your funnel.
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