Rankbook Software not working, no refunds

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Hello friends,

I would like to share with you my terrible experience with Rankbook's softwares and the Company JJ Entertainment.

On March, 21th 2013 I bought two licenses because there was an offer ($29.95 for two softwares):

Group Page + Friend Adder
Group Page + Message Sender

I received licenses and I installed the softwares.

Please note that you cannot try these products before buying them, also if there is a fake "TRY NOW" option on their website.

Infact, if you download any software from their website, you cannot try any demo (and on their Facebook fanpage they literally say: "We dont offer trials anymore").

Well, these softwares don't work: they cannot scrape any Facebook Group ID!

I wrote them asking help, and they replied me saying that they know that their softwares "Group Page + Friend Adder" and "Group Page + Message Sender" cannot scrape any IDs and they told me that a new software was coming out in hours and that I will be able to use it without extra costs.

When the software came out, on March 23th 2013, I downloaded it and I tried to install and activate it.

My license keys were not accepted, so I wrote them again, asking for help and support.

They didn't reply me, so I asked help on their Facebook fanpage...and they cancelled my comment after few minutes.

So I wrote them one more time, asking for more clarifications and for a real help to solve this issue and to let me use their software and the licenses I bought and paid.

They replied me saying that they gave me responses to all my requests.

It was clear that they were kidding me.

So I asked help to Paypal and they refused to refund, because Paypal can only protect for tangible goods (not for immaterial and softwares).

Well, I lost my $29.95 but I will start to talk to everyone about this terrible seller and about how unprofessional he is.

So, please stay far away from Rankbook products and from JJ Entertainment, because you will lose your money.

I hope this review will be usefull to people to avoid my same mistake.
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    Thanks for the review. I downloaded their trial versions of some of their products, and they never worked. All they did was crash.

    Sorry about losing your $29.95. But, if you let as many people as possible know about your experience, Rankbooks will lose more in sales down the road, and may eventually get shut down by the FTC.
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    I just had exactly the same problem. I downloaded and paid for the script (ID Scraper) and sent an email for the license, which I did get, but they neglected to tell me that the scraper wont work on the new Facebook. Surely, this is illegal?

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