An Honest Unbiased Empower Network Review From A Former Member!

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What is going on?!

I was just browsing the article section of WF and realized that 70% of what people mostly promote are their EN affiliate links. To be honest with you, the articles themselves are a bunch useless BS. The authors of these articles are pretty much recycling the captain obvious stuff over and over again using different phrases while trying to stuff their articles with as many EN affiliate links as possible. So I can only imagine how many desperate newbies get sucked into this EN fiasco on the daily basis because marketers are really camouflaging the EN as a god’s gift to a mankind (which it’ not btw)

So I felt like contributing to society a little bit by writing my humble review.

Now, before I begin, I should say that I used to be a member of EN myself, and I had a pretty pleasant experience with it ( more about it later)

So, enough wasting time, you only live once, and I got balls of steel, so let’s roll!

What is Empower Network?

Simple, without saying much, Empower Network is 100% Pyramid Scheme! A damn good one, but still a Pyramid scheme.

That means you will only make money by sorely recruiting other people to join under you. The gig of this program is the promises of a high sky return in a short period of time for doing nothing other than hanging over your money and force others to do the same.

I really don’t know much about internet pyramid schemes. But aside from what I read in Wikipedia I know 2 things:

·It was made to make money only for the people on the top of the pyramid. Yup, that means the people who are at the bottom are pretty much peasants whose only purpose is to be sucked out of money for the people on the top.

·It’s illegal in the US (maybe that’s why they’re located in Costa Rica, and they’re using a UK payment processor)

Is it possible to make money with EN?

Absolutely! (And I’m the living proof of that). However, not for the majority of people who join it! EN is 100% NOT newbie friendly. As a matter of fact, let me prove that to you by showing you a disclaimer from their own site:

Empower Network: Income Disclosure

As you can see, 44% of people don’t make a penny with this system. The other 31% are making about 200$/m in average. The few percent, who are actually making thousand are the EN gurus who are on top. (I personally am the one who is in 12% decimal, 1000$-5000$)

So, does that look like a promising program to you? Does that sound like a 1000$ per day easy formula to you, like most affiliates say?

Keep reading.

How do you make money with it?

In a nutshell, you make money by reselling the thin air to other people. So they have the rights to resell that same thin air to other people and so on and so forth.

And when I say thin air, I actually mean THIN air. Even though they call it a product, I could barely call it that. Let me explain what you’re actually buying for each price.

·For 25$/m you get a Wordpress blog. Which in my opinion is a pretty OK blog. However, I’m not good with blogging, I was never a blogging person, blogging just isn’t my thing, so I can’t tell which blogging platform is good, and which isn’t, so I’ll skip that part..

·For 100$/m you get the access to ‘Inner Circle’. And let me tell you, this has to be the worst thing you can spend 100 bucks for, each month! Inner Circle is basically a bunch of audio recordings of gurus bragging about their success with EN. Yes, you will get a chance to hear “gurus” sitting in their yachts, drinking their martinis, saying how good the empower network is, while YOU sit in front of your computer listening to their success stories. Now, that’s a freaking Ripoff man -_-

·For 500$ (one time payment) You’ll get a bunch of webinars. These can be actually useful to some newbies, but the problem is they record their webinars in a such boring way, it’ll put any IN newbie to sleep. Each webinar is about an hour long. It’s a guy/girl in front of the white board explaining things like SEO, Solo ads etc, in a relatively boring and serious way.

Meh, def not worth 500$

·For 1000$ you’ll literary get more of the same thing as the previous product, only for the double price!

·Now, there is actually a brand new product they released for 3.500$ (HOLLY CRAP). I don’t know what it is though because by the time they released it, I was already done with EN, but if it’s something like the previous products; it’s not worth that much!

So, as you can see, the products are totally BALLS, and not worth their actual price. But guess what, in order just to have an opportunity to earn good money with EN you’ll absolutely have to buy all the products!!! The fewer products you buy, the less money you earn no matter how hard you work! So just a heads up, if you see a guy saying something like “earn 1000000$ per month just by inventing 25$” Stay away from him, because he is a liar and wants nothing but your money!

If you actually want to become a part of EN, here’s two things you need to know.

  1. Please, join the right person. Don’t join people here who post Classified ads just because they post Classified ads. Or join people just because you like their article. If you’re a newbie, a 100% of your EN success depends on the person you join under. If your sponsor is a bad IN teacher, you will lose a lot of money and fail! As a matter of fact, I made that mistake, and joined some Duffus who didn’t know a thing about IN. I however was not a newbie, so I really didn’t need any help, I was fine on my own.
  2. You have to be an IM teacher yourself!!! Because you are going to be the one who will teach people who sign up under you. You will be their sponsor, so unless you’re not on a level that can qualify to teach others about the IN, no person will join under you. Thus if you’re a newbie, no other newbie will join your team. Makes sense?!

So, finally about my personal experience, I’ve been in EN for roughly 3 months ( the end of 2012) and still have a team of about 30 people, which makes me about 2300$/ m of residual income.
Why am I no longer promoting EN?
For 3 reasons

  1. ·Like being said, it’s a pyrimad, and I hate those. However, by the time I realized it’s a pyrimad I was already “all in” and it was too late to quite. I had to stay in EN just to get my 1625$ back.
  2. ·Takes way too much time. Like I said, if you want your team to succeed, you have to do 1 on 1 Skype/Facebook coaching with EVERY single member who joins you, which takes way too much time, and I just didn’t think it’s worth it. Forget the stupid webinars, no one wants to hear those. 1on 1 coaching is what people would want from you if you’re their sponsor.
  3. ·Just felt bad for being in a EN-zombie club. Let me tell you, every single member in an empower network has only 4 phrases in their vocabulary, which are: David Wood. 100% commissions, Costa Rica, Don’t be a wussy. So, I kinda fell bad to be a part of zombie club.
So here’s the final scores.

Product Value: 2/10
Newbie Friendly: 4/10
“Guru” Friendly: 9/10.

Over all, Final Verdict for Empower Network will be a solid 4/10. It’s a good program only if you’re:

· A person who will lie to people, sell them dreams in order to get them to sign up under you, take all their money and leave them with nothing.

· An actual INTERNET MARKETER PRO who has a ton of experience and who actually can/will teach your team how to succeed in a IN world.

If you’re not any of the above, you will fail!!

The end!
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      Thank you very much for your HONEST review.
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    That's why I haven't joined it really ...... I have no time to be convincing people in this kind of manner. Too much and as the thread starter said, just all pie in the sky ..... even though some people are making a killing out of it.

    Truth has been told.... and some people do not like the truth!
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      • Profile picture of the author Joe118
        The rule of "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck" applies, no matter how many times people say it's not a duck

        I also want your money but I'll sell you a bit more stuff than just thin air.
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        • Profile picture of the author Greg guitar
          Originally Posted by Joe118 View Post

          The rule of "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck" applies, no matter how many times people say it's not a duck
          I want some of that talking duck action; I think it's going to be a big money maker (just think how famous Donald is). Will you be my sponsor?
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  • Profile picture of the author Greg guitar
    Seems like a pretty straightforward review, so thanks, but the one thing that is strange to me is that you signed up thinking it was something other than a "pyramid" (technically it isn't; it is MLM; even if the products are "crappy" in you opinion, they are still products, which is the distinction between MLM and pyramids).

    Anyway, what benefit did they sell you on, that didn't smell like MLM, or a pyramid?
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    Greg guitar

    To be honest, when I joined EN, I didn't even know words like MLM, Pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme etc. Everything I was doing IM related before that, was completely different from all of that.

    I found EN via some guy who described it as a "holy grail". I watched the sales video, then I Googled EN, and literary every single EN review was positive. Even youtube videos titled "Empower Network is a scam" once you actually watch them, the person completely contradicts himself and tells you how wonderful it is. So just out of curiosity I decided to join EN. It was after I joined, I started to do research and found out about pyramids, MLMs and such.

    As for the products. I'm sorry but recording a bunch of boring webinars that you can find for free if you look hard enought, and charging 1k for it, isn't enough to call it MLM. You're basically buying the rights to get the 1000$ commissions from other buyers and getting the webinars as a free gift. It's like saying, ok, you just wasted 1000$, here's a piece of gum for ya.

    The funny thing is, they tell you that those products are actually worth hundreds of thousands of $, and you're basically buying them at a discounted price.

    Maybe I shouldn't be the one who grandstands about it, since I am considered the one who actually succeed with it (kinda). But so many people just blindly believe those affiliates, many of them go "all in" from the start, waste over a 1000$ and then never can recruit a single member. So I kinda felt sorry for those people. During this economy, giving so much money to some lying idiot who describes EN as a "holy grail" or "easy 1k per day formula" is just isn't riight. The fail rate of this program is way too high.
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    • Profile picture of the author Greg guitar
      Originally Posted by Vadimarket View Post

      Greg guitar
      It's like saying, ok, you just wasted 1000$, here's a piece of gum for ya.
      LOL!!! Good one man! I hear what you're saying, and it is honorable of you to report your findings and try to stop people from being suckered in. I admit it's a technicality, but I think the fact that they have blogs, webinars, and whatever other tools (someone said they had other tools I think), even if it is just a gimmick to sell access, makes it within the letter of the law, I suppose.

      But I hear where you're coming from, and I appreciate you sharing your point of view. I don't like MLMs for similar reasons; people who need to better their finances, buying overpriced, hyped products in hopes of making it big, but most never break even, and the stuff is overpriced simply because they are padding the price to sell somewhat false hopes.

      Most MLMs seem to run on the "greater fool" theory, which drives legitimate markets as well, like real estate bubbles; no matter how overpriced it is, the theory goes, get in now, because there is an even greater fool than you down the road who will buy for a higher price, and you won't be left holding the bag. The trouble is, things always collapse at some point, and the buyers at the end of the line (and greatest number of people involved), are left penniless.
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    I couldn't agree more. Things like this shouldn't be taken for granted. Thanks again for a useful post!
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      Thanks for the review. Glad this forum is here for helpful information.
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      • Profile picture of the author Audubon
        I agree. It did sound very convincing at first.
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    this guy gave one of the most honest reviews i've seen, it's funny too, we're both from the same city, but it's more known as Crooklyn (i've since moved).

    in any event it made me put his wso on a todo list for this week, even tho it sounds... kinda wacky.
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  • Profile picture of the author Greg guitar
    MLMs have often been criticized for the fact that most, or nearly all, of their sales are to their own "distributors"; that the retail prices are more to give the appearance of legitimacy than as part of their real business model; they sell to people that primarily buy because they hope to make money someday.

    But (correct me if Im wrong) with Vick's thing, it looks like there is no retail market at all; just a lot of people constantly being recruited to fund everyone above them. So reflecting upon that, I have to agree that it is basically a thinly disguised pyramid, since they don't sell outside their network, and the main motivation for people paying is to qualify for commissions.
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    why is the op banned?
    oh no, is there a EN, and WF conspiracy?
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    • Profile picture of the author highrider21
      Originally Posted by Lanx View Post

      why is the op banned?
      oh no, is there a EN, and WF conspiracy?
      Yeah does anyone know why he was banned?
      It seems suspicious that he was banned just a few days after he posted this.

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        • Profile picture of the author MikeFriedman
          Originally Posted by highrider21 View Post

          Yeah does anyone know why he was banned?
          It seems suspicious that he was banned just a few days after he posted this.
          He was banned because he was running a WSO and had a second account he was using posting "reviews" about how great that WSO was.
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    I have all thèse empower network zombies trying to use every trick in the book to get me to sell them à solo ad.

    It's annoying i have a Pretty good list and a few even went as far as charging their names when they email me and lying saying that Its à new product launch .

    Because they know I do not accept empower network ads. I just refunded his money and said 500 for a 200 click solo to my list for any empower network clowns.

    They are persistent.
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