Any honest review about Affiliate Conquest?

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Have anybody purchase and test Affiliate Conquest? and how much have to invest to get this system set up after the $19.97....

Thanks for yuor answer ....
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    I am interested too in this. Same question.
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    I grabbed it yesterday and began going through it. The first three modules, in my opinion, are extremely basic.
    They start getting into SEO in the method in the 5th module and the 6th is how to do the launch. I hadn't had the time to go through each video at all, I'd say I'm roughly 1/6th finished.
    If you can grab launch money and commissions, it'd obviously be worth the money. I haven't tried the steps aka putting them into action.
    If you jump from product to product and haven't really got a set path to follow (and you're certainly not alone) I'd grab it. If you're more advanced and have made some money maybe not, I personally (and based on my skill level) feel it's a 9.90 product. But to others it could be worth twice as much you know?
    I will say it is geared toward newer marketers who really need a hand and there's a bit of setup from what I saw.
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      I actually really liked Affiliate Conquest. I'm far from a newbie, doing this nearly three years full time and creating a ton of my own products...

      Like the review above, I think the first few modules are pretty basic, which is good if you are a newbie.

      Once they got into speed ranking and the actual structure of site, different tools and plugins to leverage, I think that's where the value of the product comes in.

      There are a lot of bonuses and extras as well that I haven't went through yet. I have put this to the test though which is the most important piece of my review.

      I decided to test the system out on the product itself. I've probably implemented 75% of what's in the product, and though it's probably not too competitive (there is decent competition though), I've ranked number one for most of the main keywords already and am getting sales.

      That confirms to me that this is solid stuff, and using in different larger launches, especially non Internet Marketing related, I think you can do really well with this.

      There's nothing revolutionary in this, the big key is taking action. But I did find some resources and a few "nuggets" that made it a good course in my eyes.

      Honestly, I wouldn't have even looked at the course, but got a solid recommendation from a friend about it, and I watched a few case studies before the launch (watch them on my site if ya want), and thus so it worthwhile looking into.



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    Thanks guys for your honest reviews.....I will consider to buy it ...
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    Thanks Brandon I saw your blog and video review (most of it, it kept stopping and I finally gave up).
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    I'm a real newbie to this. I'm getting bombarding with offers from FSO ever since I purchased CB Goliath. Most get terrible reviews. To a great degree most comments are negative. I've become very cautions concerning these offers. Is this one worth it?

    Thanks in advance,
    Joe Benevides

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      I have no idea what CB Goliath is as I don't really follow all the launches. This is a good system. Though I don't know what you're main goals etc... are. A key, which isn't mentioned really even in Affiliate Conquest is getting higher end commissions.

      You "may" get 50-100 sales from executing an Affiliate Conquest style method. But at just 9.97-47.00 in profits, that not very much to be worth it...

      So... in my opinion, you need 1k-9k+ commissions ability to really generate a great income.

      Which in affiliate conquest, that's how they could get a nice income in from something like Brenden Burchards "Charge" launch.

      If you're at 9.97 and all the lower end stuff in my opinion, you really need to be the product creator to be able to leverage that into profits with follow up etc... which most get wrong also.

      If you're actually "serious" about making money, I can point you in the right direction.
      Just PM me and tell me a little about where you're at and what you're goals are.

      No promises, but I might can help you avoid all that hype crap going on right now...



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