what is the best offshore hosting company?

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I am wanting to try out a offshore hosting company for a project I am working on, is there a good one that you guys can recommend? I am also considering an offshore registrar.
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    Define "offshore". Any specific country?

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    it don't matter as long as its out of the US, i'm thinking about something in RU, i'm going to be running a site that I want to be as private as possible so I want it hosted outside of the us, I got a couple of companies in mind but I am looking around for options.
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    I'm interested in this answer as well. Anyone with experience with one?
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    Try Rackspace.com
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    Baltic Servers in Lithuania is excellent.
    There's really nothing "off-shore" about it. It's just an excellent EU host.

    They have everything from shared to dedicated.
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    I've wondered about this myself for quite awhile, is offshore hosting how websites get around copyright infringements for the US? For example, the websites that post brand new movie and tv shows? Thanks for the replies
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    Try bulletproofvps, it's bulletproof and they ignore all the complaints I highly recommend.
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    I've been using bulletproof vps too for a while now and I've had no issues really. Thought since it was VPS, I would have had some issues since there may be other stuff hosted but I am getting service that is equivalent to the DPS I paid tonnes for previously. I switched a little over 4 months and have had 0 issues so far.

    One thing that I love about the service is the customer care is like so respectable and polite Denise, Miles and Frank are some wonderfule customer care reps. I can get annoying since I want to know exactly what I (and my clients) are paying for and they walked me through every annoying little question I had. They are great man!
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    Panamaserver.com is the best offshore hositng provider with high uptime and low prices.
    Servers are well-supported and their network is fully-redundant.
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    It seems to me panamaserver.com is respectable enough to be used for meeting their needs if many webmasters all over the IT world.
    Servers are supported well and prices are modest.
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