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by mak98
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So I am interested in purchasing the stealth keyword digger but read reviews that it gets stuck for some reasons and would stop working. I like its features though that it digs into Google and Amazon Instant search and youtube (I think) and even say how many searches it has per month. Unlike most keyword tools which only gets their information from the google keyword tool which is free- that is why I don't like keyword tool that only pulls information from there.

I currently have the Keyword Researcher which is good because it pulls keywords from google instant research and the wildcard option. However, it does not say how many searches per month so I have to manually check from google keyword tool which is very time consuming.

So any suggestions out there. Thanks.
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    anyone with any suggestion for me?
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      Originally Posted by mak98 View Post

      anyone with any suggestion for me?
      Other then Dos 4.1 I have never had a piece of software waste so much of my time. It is just unbelievable that the way these two programs go down one after another. Last weekend it was the competition analyzer, this weekend it is the digger, dead in the water. Another wasted weekend. No response from Alex Safie, but he regularly fills up my email in box with tons and tons of affiliate offers. I have a marketing email from him this morning but still not a word about my service request from yesterday morning.

      The wost part is that there is no keyword tool with a one time payment that can match these two in good quality keywords when they are working properly.

      I am sick and tired of screwing with proxies and Gmail accounts and these two programs to get a few good keywords. Myself and three friends are talking about splitting on SECockpit, try a week each and see if it is worth the money.
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