Predator by George Brown

by linda48 17 replies
Has anyone heard of or bought the new software by George Brown of Google Sniper fame? It's a beta product called Predator.
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    An option is to offer it for sale on that other, darker colored forum.
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      Originally Posted by cypherslock View Post

      An option is to offer it for sale on that other, darker colored forum.
      LMFAO! cough cough blackhatforum


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    I haven't purchased the product however I saw the live webinar recording. My understanding is that Predator scrapes email addresses off Craigslist which are then used to sell CPA products to.

    For me this is a massive red flag because email 'scraping' or 'harvesting' is a direct violation of the CAN SPAM Act.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Predator sounds like Adidas predator football shoes
    Btw, george brown sniper method still profitable in this EMD google update?
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        Originally Posted by desjay View Post

        There was a question raised about Craigslist and spamming those that specifically say no commercial emails please. The programming team have since updated the software and these people can be left out of the list so nobody is going to be banned from Craigslist.
        If getting emails from Craigslist is an important part of what it does, then that pretty much defeats it, since everyone chooses the "it's not okay to contact..." option.

        I've never seen anyone choose to opt in for commercial messages, which is why I think it is a terrible idea to use Craigslist advertisers to build a list of prospects to contact, whether you're doing CPA or selling marketing services to offline businesses, although lots of Warriors seem to do well at it; I think they simply choose to ignore the rules, and therefore, become spammers.
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        Do you still have the Predator Software? Did you make any money yet? bradjeredw at y ahoo dot com
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    Hey there
    George Brown's Predator Software was again replayed on 5th June 2013 although I missed the purchase , I think God allowed it to pass because as I was opening to buy it from his I felt like I was hesitant so I went to YouTube and searched for GB predator system.
    Guess what, I got some reviews that changed half of my mind until I came to Warrior Forum. Just than God I got the full review that blew me away!!! Imagine I have never made any dime on line and getting such scams like this on my hard earned money!
    Thanks for Warrior Forum members for your advice.
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    The first 6 posts on the thread are all from members who have mostly old accounts, never posted much (less than 5 posts for all of them) and all coming down to talk about George Brown's new software. What are the odds?

    I'm too high on caffeine maybe.

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    From what I can see, Predator is a violation of CAN SPAM. Basically, you're scraping/harvesting emails off Craigslist and then sending them CPA offers.
    I Sell What People Want. The Money Is A Bonus..
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    I signed up for his so called "one off never to be repeated or replayed live event" (not a webinar he stated!!!) for yesterday.
    I didn't turn up on purpose to see how long it would take to receive an email for a replay or repeat "event".
    It took an amazing 5 hours or so after the end of the webinar replay.....ooops live event re-stream!
    I watched it with mixed emotions....mainly because I wanted to see more functions in action and he just showed the CL email scraping function.

    The moment that alarm bells really started ringing was when he had showed the steady progress in profits complete with dates (all back in July/August 2012) in his CB account. He then stated, as this was live that he would now log in live to his CB account to show that the profits were still continuing to come in even today.
    When he did all the dates everywhere on the page were blocked out.
    Why would he do that?
    He also opened his Aweber account to show the size of the list he had built with the same offers he demo'd on the live webby event thing!.... The list name was GS2 - confirmed.

    I am really glad that I did not buy this.
    For those who did buy and are struggling for a refund either report the product as broken or does not work to your CC company and request a refund from them. The same goes for Paypal users. Open a dispute with them. Let them hassle George Brown for the money. I have no doubt he will quickly return it to them.

    I do not understand George on this one. GS 1 was a solid product and method. I never purchased GS 2 so cannot give an opinion.

    My thoughts clearly - DO NOT BUY

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    I reviewed this product a while back and basically my opinion is that it should be illegal - it scrapes emails from Craigslist... steals them is a better description. I stayed well away. Would be good to hear what anyone using it has to say - I thought it was rather disappointing for George Brown after Google Sniper did so well.
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    I bought the product. NOT AT ALL HAPPY. I asked for a refund almost immediately. It took two weeks for support to respond. They sent me to clickbank for a refund. When I told them I didn't purchase it from clickbank, it took another 3 weeks to send me to paypal....I bought this Sept 10, 2013. Today's today is OCtober 19, 2013. I only YESTERDAY got the response to go to PAYPAL>>>> now am having problems getting information sent to PAYPAL CORRECTLY so they can get my money back. This company is a RIP OFF.
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      For those of you that have filed for a refund from George Brown and have not received a refund, try what I did. As you all have tried, the support dept. does nothing, paypal or clickbank also do nothing. But if you look at your receipts you will find the Credit card processing company that he uses. Write them with your complaint. It took about 3 days for them to issue me a full refund. I can't tell you how happy that made me. Yes, I feel the program is a rip off as well. I wish I still had the information of the processing company, but I do not have it any longer. Good luck and I hope it works for all of you as well.
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    You think I would have learned by now. :\

    It has been a hard thirty day ride. After losing a seven year job, I spent what ever I could muster trying to invest in a creditable program.

    The first one I was burned on was "members only training", then they tricked me into the "VIP Program -". (Since this post is about Predator we will stick with that program.) Needles to say I was burned out of 200 bucks, I didn't have. Still trying to get my money back.

    The same night I found the Sniper program. So, far so good. After a week I was suckered in to the Predator program on a two installment plan. At this point I am into learning how to do this industry about 650 bucks.

    The terrible thing is, I jumped ahead of our new restrictive budget from my lay off, and it has really messed up our finances. My poor wife is pulling her hair out and I can't says if I blame her.

    ON top of that I have spent a boat load of time realizing how broke the Predator program is. The only email accounts I can get to connect to it is gmail. All the other mail servers will not engage with it.

    I have had a ticket with support for over two weeks. This in itself has crippled the use. The only list it will pull emails from is CL. When I looked at some of the CL listing it specifically states not to be using the contact for such things. So, here this program starts me off in the industry violating regulations. That doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside =(

    Guess I will find a balance of exposing them, getting my money back and "going forward".

    The payoff is that it has lead me to a place of similar minded and helpful people. Thank you all for your inputs, I am grateful to be apart of this forum.
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    I bought it after watching his "live" webinar..Learned later it had been recorded months ago. In addition..AFTER I bought it, found out it doesn't work on Mac. He failed to mention that. I bought it in September. In October...still not working... This is a scam. Do not buy it. George Brown's sniper 2.0 is a pretty good product... but this one may be the death of him! It took me 6 weeks to get my money back and only after I went through the FTC, and my credit card company... buyer beware
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    Man, I was about to buy that crap, I hesitated because I thought that was too much ($797) for a software . far away from my budget! I saw the "live" webinar streaming thing and ask for a trial version but I did not get any response. I was angry and desapointed, so I decided to develop my own software. which I actually did right away! worked a few extra hours each day for about a month (did not have enough time for my own, koz working on other project) and came out with what I needed pretty easy.
    CL email scraping , well that's pretty easy !!! I think the problem with first people using a "working" version of predator not having response for their emails, is that they actually spread out emails to everywhere and everyone , not for the ones that actually needing the offer they're actually trying to promote: in order to make it happen, emails should be sent right after the posts on CL (well couple days may work as well) ; but sending spam for old ads (more than 1 month or so) , people rarely go back to their posting and CL usually get rid of those old ads or just flags them as to be deleted. so emails will never reach them! Does that make a sense?

    Anyway , I developped this software ( in perl language) and tested it and actually send results to friends who are willing to do the email leading thing everytime they ask, all sorted with most recent ads and by category :wanted, women seeking me, men seeking women, so on an so forth
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