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I'll start off and admit I've used these guys in the past and have had zero problems, until recently I had a problem with constant emailing and skyping anyway one thing lead to another and I decided to not use them as a content provider any more and sadly that's when the problems started...

I requested to be removed from an emailing list this was returned with what could only be described as grovelling I ask not to be contacted anymore nor would I require their services and it was demanded to explain myself.

Eventually all was fine. Then today out of the blue I get an email from them offering some kind of offer...

I reply back and ask to be removed from the list and to not reply to my email and any attempt to do so I would place their url / email on my black listed directory.

I got a reply. So I told them that Id be submitting their domain on a our spam list as well as submitting it to a few spam reporting companies.

To which I got an email which I could only class as unprofessional and abusive.

So note:

Contentwriting 360 - Provides a good product I have no problem with ANY work they done before.

However, leave them or try to walk away and be prepared to accept abuse via skype and email.

Gerry, how have you been?
I asked to be removed from your mailing list, why are you emailing me?

Any further emails and ill report the domain and email address for spam.


On 24/04/2013 04:39, Content Writing 360? - Help Desk Department wrote:

Gerry, how have you been?
Well, I emailed you because we're giving away 5,000 words worth of free content for our long time clients.
I'm sorry if I bothered you. I've already removed your free 5000 words on our database.

PS: Your email address has been long time since removed. I am just really messaging you to know how you've been doing and to inform you of your free content.
But never mind.
For a content company you seem to be unable to understand the following

1. Remove my address from your mailing list

I'm now submitting your url to spam assassin and sending evidence off to several black listing companies
Go ahead if that will make you burn a few calories.
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