Market Samurai Is Now CRAP

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Have used Market Samurai for quite a while and they used to be the business for SEO but now they have lost the plot and are rubbish as far as I am concerned. Anyone else feel the same?

Its bad enough them using Bing for competition analysis but the results now are miles out. Just did a search for number of competing pages for a phrase keyword and MS showed it as 49,000 pages. When checking it manually there were actually 116,000 competing pages with the particular phrase in the page. I have lost all faith now in everything MS does. To be able to market properly you need accurate information and sadly MS no longer meets that need in my opinion, how does everyone else feel
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    I use MS too. Anyone know of a good alternative? Something with accurate rank info.
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    MS has been going downhill for some time IMO.

    That said, are you doing the same type of search for both MS and Google manually? (Phrase, exact, or broad.)
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    It's been crap for years.

    writeaway - If you want to track rankings check out Microsite Masters.
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    Keyword Retriever Pro launched last week via their own website it does eveything right inside wordpress for pages and posts looks really good BIG BUT..on the sales page and youtube - gosh, the video however FRANKLY AWFUL!

    You can hardly make out what on earth he is doing its just totally fuzzy and already comments on you tube are saying this...and the guy doesn't even bother to go into detail really about it in that video anyway - so none the wiser really Hmmm...

    They do themselves no favours here with such poor promo video!
    Anyone know of it, tried it and your thoughts on what it can do etc.... and if any good?

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      I have a plan to buy MS, so i need some reviews from warrior member to confirm that good

      My name is MinAd

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    can you elaborate why you don't like it? for me it's been an invaluable tool, but i've only used it for a little more than a year so I don't know how it was like when it was considered really good.
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    I've used MS since 2009 and it's always been my go to tool. I also use Brad's Niche Finder.
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    Market Samurai is still one of our most used SEO tools. We deliver millions of pages per year to unique visitors with the help of MS.

    Their rank tracker works great, too for client reporting.

    For a 1 time fee app it not only jump started our online success, but we still find it very useful, today.
    Free How-To Videos On Everything From Sales Funnels, Facebook PPC & More!
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    They're working on a bunch of new stuff and getting MS to move faster, is what I've heard from support. And MS is still awesome in my opinion. If you like step by step approaches (which I do), it's still king in my book. Followed closely by Niche Finder. Doesn't mean that the other options are crap, some are just too expensive, and so far this just works for me.
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    They fell behind the curve a lot but as others have said they recently have been working harder to push updates quicker. I've always found the SEOC module invaluable and no other tool provides that info to me in that same way.
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    I simply gave up and deleted links. Working just a "little" isn't much help!
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