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I'm paying off a couple of negative debts (long story) but I'd like to see a recent discussion between iWriter and Textbroker.

This definitely isn't going to be long term, but on the plus side, I'm already a premium writer over at iWriter. My classification on Textbroker is 4 I believe? I'm not honestly sure who or how the whole rating thing is even judged on there but I'd like to hear your thoughts.

This is for AUTHORS only, not clients.

My Concerns

- This concern is for both iWriter and Textbroker and it's that some people have the most unrealistic expectations. I personally would skip every person that put 3-4 paragraphs of instructions for a lousy $1 or $1.50 per 100 words. What's even worse is, some people have the same amount of instructions for non-premium writers who only get paid .50c per 100 words.

- People can take 3-4 days to approve content on both sites. I usually only go for recently requested work which helps cut down on that but it can be frustrating due to a payment schedule that has to be done weekly at minimum. You can crank out a ton of work on Thursday or Monday but then come to find out they didn't approve all of it until Friday or Tuesday. I've actually had that happen, it's frustrating but PayPal fees make it near impossible to request daily payouts (from what I was told).

After doing some searching, here's what I've found online comparing the two:

- iWriter has a much more visually appearing website and it's easier to search for jobs.
- Textbroker is willing to pay a little bit more but the requirements to advance are confusing and no one knows how it works.
- I've seen some people complaining that they've been demoted on Textbroker for a weird or a lack of reasoning behind it.
- A lot of the clients on iWriter want everything for nothing and are some of the pickiest clients to write for on the web.

For argument sake, let's say this is a 1 week project. I'm out of things to sell and this is the only way I know of to make money by Thursday/Tuesday.

iWriter pays on Tuesday (that's what I have it set to)
Textbroker pays on Fridays (you have to request a payout by Thursday)

However, I have no problem waiting for next Thursday if the reviews are great and I can spend an entire week cranking out content, making some pretty decent money on there. I'd like to hear some reviews from people who are currently doing good on there or opinions between the two. Like I said, it's going to be a week long project. When I'm done with iWriter or Textbroker, I plan on opening up a thread here and moving my business hopefully to a website but for the mean time I just need to make something.

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    No one has any insight on this?

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    Textbroker values grammar over everything. I got demoted to a 3 once because I put an extra comma in a sentence in two articles. Read their grammar rules carefully if you don't want to be demoted because all of their articles seem to be for 4 star people.

    I don't really write on either of them anymore since I don't accept ghostwriting work often but when I did the clients were more easy going on Textbroker.
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    Sorry but I've never worked with either. When I want a change of pace or extra money without a client commitment I write for Demand Studios. The pay is a heck of a lot better, payments come in twice a week and I get bylines on my work.
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    I've never worked on either but I get most of my content from iWriter and I pay top dollar usually for my content. Around $15-$20 - Not sure if anyone else does but I would assume other people pay premium prices for killer content and if you can write killer content / find a few gigs like that a day doesn't it beat getting paid $1 per 100 words?
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    I'm 4 stars on TB, but I still refuse to do any writing on there anymore.

    About the ONLY projects I would even consider doing would be direct orders, and that is only because my rate is 5 cents per word for those -- but even then, most of the time I still won't accept the project.

    As you said, people want way too much for way too little.

    And as Amanda stated, the staff will demerit you for the dumbest things possible.

    My stats are 77 accepted, 0 rejected. However, I still don't mess with that site these days.

    You can make a lot more money for less work with other things, so it just isn't worth it to me anymore -- especially since they just raised the percentage that they are keeping per order, or something like that.

    I got an email today from them about their rate increase. Just add that to my list of why I don't write on there. lol

    As for iWriter.. never did anything on there, so I couldn't tell ya.
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