Anyone here use Traffic Swarm?

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Hi all,

Anyone here use Traffic Swarm to generate traffics for websites? Do you find traffic swarm useful? How do you make full use of traffic Swarm? Have you made any sales with the help of Traffic Swarm? Thanks.
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    Hi Millionblog,

    I subscribed to Traffic Swarm about 3 days ago and then quickly unsubscribed. TBH I paniced a bit, probably because I wasn't entirely sure what I was letting my self in for! I am a timid soul at heart. My problem was that my traffic is driven to squeeze pages and I got the impression that I would have to display banners on them which I definitely didn't want to do. Maybe I'll reconcider banners on my blogs that link to my squeeze pages......could be totally wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me if I am.

    Hope this helps a bit,

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      I'm not sure what you saw in TrafficSwarm that implied you had to put banners on your squeeze page. I've never heard anything like that.


      I've used TrafficSwarm for several years. I have received better results from it than other traffic exchanges that I've experimented with. It works pretty well if you have a good squeeze page that offers a worthwhile bonus or report. Generally speaking, you don't want to put your regular web site in the rotation. You need to get the surfers' attention quickly, and give them an option to get a quick freebie so they can move on. Once you have their name, you can send additional promotions to them later.
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    Overall I have found that it isn't as generic as it might appear.

    Those who are using the system are looking for traffic and are seeking money making online. So those two niches tend to work best.

    There appears to be a number of members who all promote the same affiliate programs. I'd expect you could generate more results if you're promoting something different, for example your own product.

    I have used the paid version in the past (on several occasions at 1 year intervals) and can't seem to use up my clicks.

    So to sum up, I have found that although you need a blend of a variety of traffic sources, there are other ways to generate traffic could be more effective depending on your target audience. (Nothing is a magic bullet).

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    I've been using TrafficSwarm for quite some time now. Even though some of the traffics are pretty un-targeted, I still got couples of subscribers and even some sales here and there. My main suggestion is just make sure that you don't promote a full website or long sales letter there because the Trafficswarm surfers have really short attention span. Squeeze page or short sales letter will work really great and I'm pretty sure you can generate couples of leads if you use TrafficSwarm consistently.

    I must also agree with Eldon above that compared to other traffic exchanges, TrafficSwarm is still the best in my opinion. Maybe because it has different formats and it is also easier to use and navigate compared to other TEs.

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    traffic exchange is good to increase your alexa rank from 20.000.000 to 1.000.000 but after that you must found the real traffic to make your website better position , the key of traffic exchange is referral . choose any traffic exchange you want and focus to get referral for that

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    @ cienik : are you sure about increase alexa rank? any guarantee that other user use alexa toolbar too ?
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      Hello Elert!

      I installed it a while back and I have about 3500 credit (points) and have no ides what to do with them?

      Do you?

      Riley West - Making An Internet Marketer Dot Com

      Here's to your success,

      Riley West - Making An Internet Marketer Dot Com


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    I used this before. No conversion, no sales. Lucky I didn't upgrade to Pro version. I could get much better traffic if pay to Google Ads.
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    I've been using TrafficSwarm - it is ok, but it is much better to get real traffic.
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    Traffic Swarm will get you some traffic, but not a lot. I agree that it is most effective as a lead generator. Since it's free, it won't hurt to give them a try and see what happens. They don't spam you so you really have nothing to lose.

    Get real, unbiased Internet Marketing Reviews-If it stinks, I'll let you know.

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