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I just got another promotional e-mail from Aidan Booth. This time for rankbuilder (RB Main Sales | RankBuilder) I guess it is relaunching or something and you can get a lifetime membership for $347 which is supposedly 65% off or it is $47/month.

Does anyone have any experience with rankbuilder.com? Has it actually helped you rank your websites? Is it worth $347?
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    Also are there any OTO on top of the $347.00
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      Yeah I just received that email as well, had a look, but listening to the video made me think... this sounds like it's too good to be true... so I want to know if anyone has bought and used this... and can review it and make a recommendation one way or the other. I know it has actually been around for a few years now so this latest version maybe bug free... early versions weren't from what I have read.
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    I am having lunch with Ross Carrel tomorrow, he's involved with this launch so I'll be hearing about it I am sure.

    Ron Rule

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    Here's my take on it, it's a product with a mixed message. On one hand they they're "spitting in the face of google, yadda yadda yadda" basically saying they're bringing something new to table when in fact it's the same old product and same old methodology that other tools have been doing for a while now.

    Wow..drip feeding links?
    Web 2.0 backlinks and forum backlinks? SOOooooo 2008.
    And come on..Pligg sites? Really? Nothing like going after the low lying rotten fruit

    Really, if you don't have a backlinking tool (and there are a TON to choose from these days) then get the trial and try it out. But it's a pass for me. You want better value? Look up Licorne AIO

    IMO, this RELAUNCH is just a money grab push for the same software they've always had. Oh, and kudos to Maulana and his team to going socket based versus web based for the submissions.
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    the video has a lot of Kael said "YADA...YADA..." ... yeah..yeah! sure! what it does? what's its features? it didn't said anything about that.

    I need info not marketing lines...
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    I too have got the promotional email, but really skeptical to buy as there have been lot of such tools which in the past has made a serious damage after penguin.

    Did anyone used this after recent penguin and got success?
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    Now I'm confused about all of this... Are some of you saying that Rank Builder isn't a good choice after all?

    Because I too received a special offer last night on a 7 day offer at $4.95 and $47. a month after?


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    This software is web based with members area or do we have to download it.
    Any experience with it(good or bad)?
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    I'm seeking another competitive one that's less expensive and very effective and even more powerful than Rank Builder... Licorne AIO 2.53 which is only $150.00 license or $120.00 with a coupon and its free for 3 days or is it 5? The confusion of the FREE offer is based on their website...

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    Just based on the features alone (other tools that come inside of it), the Licorne product is far superior to Rankbuilder
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    Rank Builder is another SEO automated tool inside a world full of such tools that should do one thing and one thing only help you get top rankings
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    I am really skeptical about any rank builder type of software that tries to automate the SEO process. The main reason is these software are always lags behind the Google rule and Google often penalizes a website if they find that there has been manipulation of their rule using a software.

    At the same time I am eager to know if there is a software tool that really helped you in SEO but there is minimum risk to Google.
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