Anyone heard of ?

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Looks very good BUT

They are asking for your credit card details over a NON-secure
website - so I would TOTALLY distrust them. (just my opinion)

The link below is just for you to see what I mean.

My Internet PayDay - Home

I would NOT encourage anyone to sign up.

We need to be careful with this kind of thing.

Any thoughts ?
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    After doing some research my-internet-payday appears to be a scam. Here is what one person had to say:

    So I just signed there and found out it is a scam that you lose like 130 dollars in a month, I was hoping easy money but it seems I got scammed.... Now I cant seem to unregister my account since their numbers arent working for me.... Is there any way to stop this thing like calling my bank and tell them not to allow my money leave?

    and I dont have that much money on my bank account :S So what if it cant be canceled, and I cant pay?

    I saw a few similar statements elsewhere, people get suckered into the $1 trial then start getting charged and can't stop it. I'll add this one to my scam list of 1,000.
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      Unfortunately it doesn't look like stupidity,
      a lot of time and money went into designing that website.

      And it all has a purpose - unfortunately not a nice one as the above
      experience showed.

      I started this thread because it was a tempting offer - but I have got
      into the habbit of looking to see if that "s" is on the end of the "http".

      The missing "s" is what stopped me.

      Some websites are displaying security lock images on their pages and even as the favicon to try and trick people.

      I want to encourage all of us to be careful and at least look for a secure ssl website. Even then it is no gaurentee, but without the https noone should buy anything online.(IMHO).

      Hope that helps.
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    Screw You, NameCheap!
    $1 Off NameSilo Domain Coupons:

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    thanks for the info about https I didn't know that and it is helpful to know
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    Yeah I bumped into a blog called Keven Gets Green that points to that payday thingie. I didn't believe it for a second. If it was that easy to make money then everyone and their mother would be doing it lol
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