Commission Maniac has trojan?

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My norton gave me a pop up saying " processing trojan.zbot "

Then it gave me another one later saying "could not remove it"

Then later one that said "pls restart to remove it"

So i did.

Then i did a full system scan.

And it showed the trojan root file which was commission maniac very long time ago when i bought it to check it out.

Now my norton says it is fully resolved.

But what the heck! An IM product has TROJAN??

And i did have norton back then too.
So i dont know why it suddenly come up after so many years.

Shit man! I dont even know whether i am or was at risk.. ! :confused:

Those of you who have commission maniac pls do a full system scan just to be safe and post your results of scan here.
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    One of the most odious & abhorrent of all Botnets.

    (It's a polymorphic banking Botnet). Meaning it steals financial information and is very hard to detect.

    Very brutal. Very hard to detect.

    Could be a false positive, but man, zbot (zeus) is NASTY.

    I would personally never execute ANYTHING that said it was infected with Zbot. I don't care if it's a false positive or not. It's not worth the risk.
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      Ya but the funny thing is it was like a few years ago?

      I bought it out to check it out, but i left it to collect dust.

      So i didnt use it.

      But all of a sudden, norton picks it up like 3 years later?

      But so far nothing out of the ordinary happened like my money being siphoned out. lol.

      If there is i swear i will sue the MF/SOB, since its his software.!
      Pain is a perception, so is defeat & happiness!
      & what doesn't
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    Be careful bro. Scan the particular file with Jotti's to be safe.. (Do a google if not familiar)
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    It has been awhile since I used Commission Maniac. I couldn't use it anymore because my Webroot SecureAnywhere application disabled it and rendered it useless due to virus infestation.

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