TurnKey Commissions Anyone?

by dachwf
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TurnKey Commissions was released a couple of days ago and I have not been able to find any trustworthy information on it. Does anyone have any familiarity with it?

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    hi, I would like to know about it too
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    and me too...
    if anyone tested it
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      Not worth it! This is an older product renamed and repackaged to appear to be something new on the market. The product was initially released as "Fast Commissions". I purchased it months back and it was very, very glitchy and nothing worked as stated. I sent multiple requests for support and ended up requesting a refund but my requests were left unanswered. They ripped me off.

      Going through the sales page and video for TurnKey Commissions appeared to be something different and I wanted to try it, Once I gained access, I immediately recognized the page and materials to be the same exact product as Fast Commissions with which I never got a refund for.

      Again, I sent emails through their support desk requesting a refund and also requested a refund through paypal and SWREG, Inc.

      Update, this is the email I sent to the helpdesk and the response I received just this morning:

      My request:
      It was not clearly stated within your sales material that TurnKey Commissions is the same exact product as Fast Commissions which I already purchased months ago. I have no desire to pay twice for the same product and wish to receive a full refund of my purchase. Please respond!

      Their response:
      Hello Rick Tenney

      We hear your questions about the program and would like to help you however possible. Here at TurnKey Commissions we provide all unique turnkey campaigns...there are only a few ways to make money online as an affiliate our product has been praised for ease of use, as well as, boasts an educated support team dedicated to helping you succeed online. The top online affiliates are successful due to the fact they utilize and new and innovative products in order to further their success.

      However, your determination and drive in the end is what will determine your success in the industry. We look forward to helping you on any way we can as we already consider you a part of the TurnKey family.

      As with any company there will always startup costs and overhead in whatever form of business endeavor you choose. There are many successful affiliates in the industry, but the sheer drive and personal motivation is what skyrockets you to the head of the industry. You should always take advantage of whatever tools possible in order learn and grow your business. TurnKey is an excellent opportunity as well as a proven system. I hope this helps answer some of your concerns!

      Contact us any time for assistance,

      TurnKey Support

      It's clear they are purposefully ignoring my request for a full refund and I'm going to end up getting nowhere and again being ripped off.

      Avoid this one like the plague!!!

      Issues with the product itself? They have mini site packages you install which are supposed to give you an instant site which is then set up to allow content to automatically update periodically through their system. However, once the mini site packages are installed, the header shows up with a blank page. Your dashboard shows content has been posted, but there is a glitch which prevents the content being displayed on your site. I requested help plenty of times but never received one response. Don't bother wasting your money on this one guys, it's not worth it.

      I hope this helps others avoid being cheated.

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    That appears to be an auto-response. Avoiding this one. Thanks guys.
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    Many thanks rltenney, I was about to put money down and try it for 30 days. Would really love to hear about the conditional refund as well.
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      Absolutely, I'm happy to share that with you guys.

      Here is the email I received in response to my second request for a refund:


      I still feel it is a shame you would want to give up so easily. This is a great opportunity that should not be missed, as we have unique turnkey campaign offers, are praised for our ease of use, and have a dedicated team wanting to help you every step of the way! We hope that you will reconsider and allow us to guide you into your full earning potential!

      If you still are determined to give up...

      Please read the below from my legal team and reply before we can process your refund, we also need your entire receipt in order to process your refund.


      Dear Customer,

      It has come to our attention that you would like to request a refund and terminate your membership.

      Before we process your refund, I, as a member of our legal department, request you read the below and reply confirming your compliance with our refund policy.

      PLEASE note that if you want a refund you MUST delete any and all files associated with the TurnKey Commissions System and the TurnKey Commissions software from your hosting company and your computer, and must confirm that you have done this in writing via email.

      Furthermore, please reply with a list of domains that you have use the system on for verification purposes.

      Our legal department then files your email, as we must keep records to protect our current members from refunded customers illegally using the files.

      Once we have your email we then do as per your request. We must get this reply before the end of your guarantee period.

      It would be a shame to give up on this program, so I'd urge you to reconsider your refunding of this product. I hope you can find the time to take advantage of this opportunity, and let us know how we can assist you in using it to its full potential.

      But, if you still want a refund please reply and confirm that all the website files you have gained from TurnKey Commissions have been deleted from your computer and your hosting account.

      Again, we must receive this confirmation before the end of your 30 day refund guarantee period. Once we receive this, your refund will be processed.

      In order to protect our existing members, if you breach the above conditions our Company will not hesitate to pursue your violation of our licensing and membership agreement.

      Best regards,

      Legal Department
      TurnKey Commissions


      Best regards,

      TurnKey Support

      UPDATE ---------

      In response to the message I got above, I replied to their request by forwarding a copy of my receipt as well as stating what was outlined in their requirements. I have no software of theirs on my computer or hosting service. I have nothing from their service on any of my domains.

      Today I received an email stating that they can't honor a refund without a copy of the receipt that was emailed to me. I copied and pasted it but apparently, somehow, they did not receive it. I'll give them that one since I did not double check to see if it all pasted in. So that might have been my error.

      I sent another email today and made sure to paste in the entire receipt. In addition to that, I took a screen capture of the receipt and attached it to the new support ticket. In doing so I'm hoping to avoid any more delays in getting my money returned.

      Needless to say, but at this point, I'm not a happy camper.

      Again guys, I will give you an update if anything more happens. I'm hoping my next post will be to tell you I've gotten my refund, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    HI rltenney,

    Thanks for taking the time to help us avoid being ripped off.

    I certainly appreciate it.

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    they have a traffic xplosion software. did you try it rltenney if it work?
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      You guys won't even believe what I'm going through just to get my $29 back. Today I received an exact copy email that outlines what I need to provide them in order to receive a refund. I can't believe this. This is totally unacceptable practice and they need to be shut down and cut off from paypal altogether.

      No need to paste in the email they sent as it is exactly word for word what I posted yesterday for you. And this was in response to my giving them my receipt information as well as the screen shot of it.

      To be fair and to give you guys a chuckle, or to gain more understanding of my frustration with all of this nonsense, I'm pasting in my response with yet ANOTHER ticket submitted to their help desk. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the message I sent. Just after what I'm sharing with you here, I re-pasted my receipt information for them along with the ENTIRE thread from my initial request for a refund.

      Here you go:
      This is the second time I have had to answer your questions in writing as well as submit a receipt. I have complied with ALL of your requests and would appreciate your not giving me the runaround any longer and simply refund my money! In this message I have not only re-responded to your request, but I have also included the entire thread from the start of my request for a refund from you. Enjoy sifting through your mess!

      For the legal record:
      I do not have any materials from TurnKey Commissions on my computer or my hosting service. I do not have any copies of anything to do with TurnKey Commissions anywhere on my person and wish to receive a full refund of my purchase. I do not have any Turn Key Commissions software or materials of any shape, form or kind on any of my domains, hosting services, computers, pockets, dresser drawers or hidden areas that might contain digital or printed materials of any type that would even remotely relate to anything near a Turn Key Commissions product. Please note that I have a trail of emails with multiple requests as well as every request of yours being met 100% in compliance with the Turn Key Commissions guarantee which stipulates a full refund.... multiple times.

      This is the second time I have submitted, in writing, that which was required to receive my refund. I have also pasted my receipt which can be found below as well as in an attachment which is an actual screen shot of the email I received in my email.

      As requested, below is the text that was copied and pasted from the receipt that was emailed to me. AGAIN, I also attached a screen capture for further proof of my purchase.

      I wonder what they will throw at me next? Hopefully my refund!!!!
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      Originally Posted by mrwayne85 View Post

      they have a traffic xplosion software. did you try it rltenney if it work?
      Yes, I bought it with the initial product they had called Fast Commissions and used it a little then. It seemed to be a nice piece of software. It was the instant mini niche site creation that I was wanting in the first place, but I couldn't get them to install properly for some reason. I'm VERY savvy with all of this stuff and have been doing this since 2007, so I know it wasn't anything I was doing wrong. However, they never answered my requests for help to figure it out. I emailed them six times with not a single response. I then asked for a refund three times. Again, no response. So I still rightfully own Fast Commissions... which is now being pushed as Turn Key Commissions.

      I tend not to use traffic generating software so I can't elaborate much, I really just bought that product for the instant sites they touted. Hope this helps.
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    To tell you the truth I got this program for just $9 buck! And also 15 free ebooks bonuses because I bought through a person affiliate link that promise the ebooks. I can say the ebooks looks promising to resell somewhere else.. I got my 15 ebooks with the course. And was just about to purchase the xplosion app.

    So you are saying that the xplosion app is something to create website? I thought I saw somewhere its something to post to groups in google plus.
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    Unfortunately I bought into their hype and
    it's been a nightmare trying to get my money back

    I provided all the info they requested and
    it's been almost two months now and no
    refund yet.
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