Anyone know anything about Keyword Rockstar??

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Hey Guys,

Does anyone know anything about Keyword Rockstar??

I can't find any reviews, not even affiliate type hyped up reviews, that in itself can't be good.

Hopefully someone here will know the score

Internet Marketing | Keyword Tool

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      Hi Andy:

      Don't know much about Keyword Rockstar, but until the launch in the summer when it goes public, there are some free tools that you can use to help you grasp the best keywords for your niche.

      You get these items free by signing up at

      Hope this helps, and best of Luck!
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        Great I'm going to check that out also.

        P.Y., 40 years Small Biz Veteran.
        Shares 21 Biggest Mistakes Made

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          Keyword Rockstar is a very powerful tool and the automation capabilities are unmatched!

          In particular, I really like the power it bring to the content network. It makes sorting and targeting ad placements a breeze. This is something that used to take me hours using three different tools and an excel spreadsheet.

          Biggest Benefit ---> Massive time savings and powerful automation.

          I also happen to think that Jon is a solid person that cares about his customers and goes above and beyond to add features that everyone wants.

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            I would like to say that Keyword Rockstar is the most powerful Keyword Tool I have ever seen, and PPC is how I built my business.

            Since I mostly use the content network, this is the first tool I have had that really helped me automate my PPC efforts. There is no other tool I have found that can top it.

            Also, Jon is a friend of mine and a very stand up guy who is building a brand. This is not like some of the other crap on the market. Jon takes pride in the fact that his product is super quality.

            Keyword Rockstar helped me go from building a campaign in a week, to literally a couple of hours.

            Very Powerful Stuff!

            Nothing here to see

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      Originally Posted by Jon Shugart View Post

      Hi Andy,

      What would you like to know?

      There aren't any reviews or anything because we are new and I have only offered Keyword Rockstar to my list, so not many people know about us (yet!).

      Of course, I have now opened it up to the public and not just my private list and we are planning a major launch this summer, so I imagine there will be a lot more buzz soon.

      We are just doing what I call controlled growth because I want to make sure of the following:

      1) The software is rock solid before a flood of users start using it
      2) We have staff in place to handle any support requests from the growing user base
      3) We are able to keep up with feature requests in a timely manner.

      That being said, I can post part of an email I received from one of our users the other day to give you his impression of Keyword Rockstar after using it for a few days:

      "I promised that I would send you a longer email with my thoughts so far on Keyword Rockstar. I couldn't get it done last weekend, so here they are.. :-)
      First of all - I must say again that I'm impressed with everything your software is capable of! Some features are found as separate programs elsewhere - charging more than you do! There is no doubt you have a killer offering, and one I think you should be charging more for simply because of its power and features.

      For instance, the placement finder is excellent and does what Content Bully does. Great stuff. I also love the image ad generation capability and how solid the whole campaign builder feature is both for placement and keywords! :-)"

      He went on in his email with some feature requests and I have left those out. Since I didn't get his permission, I will leave his name out of this post, but that was a cut & paste of the first part of an email I received on 5/14/2009 from one of our users.

      My goal for Keyword Rockstar is to automate as much work as possible for Internet Marketers in the keyword research & ppc campaign generation.

      I'm not trying to turn this into a sales pitch, so I'll stop here, but if you have any questions about what it can do, I would be more than happy to answer them.

      If you were looking more for an unbiased 3rd party review, I can't help you there, since I think it provides more value for your money than just about any Internet Marketing software I know of.

      Best Wishes,

      Jon Shugart
      Keyword Rockstar
      Hey Jon,

      Thanks for the response, it looks like a great piece of software my only concern was that I couldn't find even an affiliate review of it, but you have cleared that up so it looks promising.

      I look forward to the summer when you hopefully get it in the hands of some marketers who have the capital to put the program to the test and then see some real world results from them, I love case studies.

      Do you have a list? couldn't see a sign up form?


      I'm On Google + ------------- and of course Also On Twitter

      "The only thing thats keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can't have it"- Tony Robbins

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      Originally Posted by Jon Shugart View Post

      Hey Andy,

      Just wanted to let you know that there is a review of Keyword Rockstar from an independent 3rd party if you want to take a look.

      He is a blogger and experienced affiliate marketer and has other great content on his site.

      Best Wishes,

      Jon Shugart
      Keyword Rockstar
      Thanks for the update I'lltake a look


      oh and I found the optin form and ..... well..... opted in, lol

      I'm On Google + ------------- and of course Also On Twitter

      "The only thing thats keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can't have it"- Tony Robbins

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    "We are just doing what I call controlled growth because I want to make sure of the following:

    1) The software is rock solid before a flood of users start using it
    2) We have staff in place to handle any support requests from the growing user base
    3) We are able to keep up with feature requests in a timely manner."

    A person has to respect that approach. I like your style. Most of the so called launches of today could benefit from that same approach. I am looking forward to putting this product to good use.
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        I give Jon a solid recommendation and I am quite sure his product is everything he says it is and then some! Have nothing but great respect for Jon and how he handles interactions with curious people, especially those like me who are new to this game.


        You Want Tickets?
        We Got Your Tickets!

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    I just got off from a webinar by Jon of Keyword Rockstar and was wondering if any one is really making money using this tool. Sure it has some really cool productivity tools
    But I want more feedback from real users.


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    I have just joined, but they are waiting for a fix to come out as Google changed something on saturday. I am going to go through the software and do a test campaign and post all the info on the following blog to see if it can make me money through adwords:-

    Keyword Rockstar Review | Affiliate Download Reviews

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    Jon has some pretty well respected names behind him so I would guess its a great tool. But, what sets this apart from the other paid tools that are out there being recommended by other respected marketer. I know this one is new, so perhaps in time, if it is truly as superior as it sounds, all the honest guys will be referencing this tool. If it weren't for the fact that I have already gone in a bit too deep with buying stuff these last few weeks, I would give this one a try......Once I get a project or two rolled out and some revenue coming back in, I'll likely get this tool. I look forward to hearing what other users experiences are with Keyword RockStar.


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    Jon, Can you provide some samples of your updated templates? The ones shown on your videos are permanently slapped by google now. A human reviewer will not allow those hand drawn circles/arrows on ads any more.

    Would like to see what the latest templates(that are adwords friendly) look like.
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    I just watched the second half of a webinar on this tool, (had an issue getting on) and it was impressive-looks like a cool tool. I do have concerns and questions however, so I hope someone can address them.

    The first question is can anyone list all the research tools KR draws on? In other words, would it eliminate the need for a subscription to wordtracker, for example, by giving you research results drawn from their database? If not, is the research as high quality as the research you'd get from them or other paid tools?

    Second, I'm always suspicious of claims by any merchant that they are "limiting" the number of users. My first impression is that they are using scarcity to make more sales. Why would they want to limit the number of users, unless the use of this product by too many users would degrade the results? (I'm not talking about the limits that Jon addressed in the beginning when they were testing it-I mean now that they have rolled it out, and during the webinar, said it was not being released to the public-that it's "invite only"). Degraded results from too many users would be more of a concern with tools that are "gaming" search results, which this does not do. If it's just a tool to make keyword ad campaigns easier, more efficient, and more targeted, why limit it?

    The third question/concern is the price-which, in itself will limit the # of users. Are the functions built into this tool really worth the current price of a grand for unlimited use? (The other option of $397 plus $97 a month after 30 days makes no sense, as you would have paid approximately the grand after about 7 months and be left with nothing). Is it that unique, and could you not use other much cheaper tools to do roughly the same thing in combination?

    I'm not meaning to sound negative, and maybe the answer is no, there is nothing you could do short of spending 10s of hours a month laboring to do what this tool can do in a few pain free minutes, so it's worth it if your time is worth at least more than minimum wage! But I really need to know that going in, if I'm going to plunk down a large bill.
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    I know they stole my mojo with that name. Do something original already!
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      Originally Posted by Nathan Hangen View Post

      I know they stole my mojo with that name. Do something original already!
      Yeah-after all, you're the one who made up the word, right?
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        Originally Posted by Greg guitar View Post

        Yeah-after all, you're the one who made up the word, right?
        No, but it's cramping my style. Everyone uses it now...
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    All other comments aside, I use KR for my CPA campaign research and am generally pleased with the results. If you play in that field you will find it useful.
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    Just attended the webinar hours ago.

    In my view, this tool will not be useful for a newbie who have yet to
    make a sale online.

    What this tool does is to scale your successful campaign to a greater
    level. If you are making hundreds per month, this tool can probably
    help you to double or even triple your sales.

    However, you still need to test the headlines in your text and banner ads
    to get maximum CTR and also your landing page headline.

    So, this short, this is not a magic system where you could throw
    into your adwords account and expect money to roll in
    FREE Ebook - Discover The Secrets Of Generating $260,957 Sales In 5 Days!
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    i have a feeling that Google is closely watching on this forum and checking out what
    the guys here are up to.

    Every time a new way of generating traffic and sales is discovered, people
    rush to buy the product hoping that this will be the "one" that can put their
    income on auto pilot and finally become financially free....

    But the same group of people probably are happy for sometime before they
    got caught up with Google punishing them for using illegal methods to rank
    their website, they got slapped, account got banned....

    Some finally give up this whole internet marketing stuff and quit.... then a new
    batch of newbies comes along and follow the same pattern. This seems never
    ending but What is the secret of earning a consistent income online?

    You are not going to like this because.....

    There is no secret!

    If you were to peek into the life of any internet
    marketing gurus who have made millions online, you notice that
    they are always coming out with new products, new ways of
    generating traffic, new ways of getting you to pay money for their
    products, even though they may promise you that after buying their
    product, you can earn money on Autopilot!

    But these same gurus is working hard to create new products and
    never disappear from the internet marketing world.. so what gives?

    You just got to model them.... work hard! stop thinking of the "push button"
    or "magic pill" to make money online...

    Just focus on creating excellent content that can benefit your target
    audience, that way, Google has no reason to fault you.. they will love you.

    If you are really serious in this business, you should always built your own llst
    of targeted audience.... that way, even if Google fault you for whatever reason,
    you can still survive on your list alone....

    Take care.
    FREE Ebook - Discover The Secrets Of Generating $260,957 Sales In 5 Days!
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      This is a fantastic response that all interested in IM should read. It's spot on in so many different ways - Google's monitoring, the newbie cycle, the gooo-rooo schtick, the paramountcy of list building and, most importantly, the simple truth that the secrets to success in this field are hard work and giving your audience what they are seeking. Well done.
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    This tool was presented to me on Mark Ling's list on a webinar with Joel the PPC Millionaire. They claimed it was a non-public exclusive offer to Mark's lists. Well during the webinar I Googled the product and found it easily available on a number of affiliate sites.

    If it is such a great tool why lie to create a false sense of urgency and exclusivity? I mean that is a straight up outright lie, no smooth talking Clinton line of BS out of it. It insults all of us as marketers.

    Since they were pushing this as a product for everyone including newbies I also asked how much they budget to test and run a campaign the size of what they were presenting. I got the useless answer of "I started with less than $500." I don't really believe $500 is going to get you far on a keyword list numbering 5000 and I doubt Joel started at that scale when he only had a $500 budget.

    I have not tried Keyword Rockstar but I do see a great deal of potential value in it for allowing you to scale and implement large campaigns. It would be truly valuable if it was actually a limited offer but I suspect the market will eventually flood with users. I also agree with one of the other posts that this is not the newbie wonder tool the webinar indicated.

    As we all know that Google recently banned more than two hundred thousands accounts and as Amit (PPC classroom)predict Perry Marshall interview that Affiliate Marketing is Dead on Google.
    I think lazy spammy affiliate marketing on Google is dead. Google is forcing you to develop legitimate web property if you want to promote your offers and products utilizing their services. I also believe many "Gurus" would like to influence the market away from Google to make their life easier. But that is getting into my super affiliate conspiracy theory.
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    Jon shugart, I pmd you. Asking about hiring someone who knows how to use the tool to provide this as a service/do you know someone already trained and cost? Ive tried hiring and training outsourcers several times before and wont try it again

    Only dead fish go with the flow.

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      We do 90% organic and very little PPC - but i hate to miss out on todays "last day deal" for kw rockstar - we'll probably buy it an never use it - much like we did with WP Mage ;( - and we'll add it to the list of things to learn...

      great thread, btw, and yeah, I agree that G is probably watching the WF pages closely...
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    I see that KWRS is being promoting again - I just received an email about it (April 16th 2010).

    I am searching for a Keyword tool to help with a self improvement system - it's a 3 DVD set called Accelerator for Success using the Dream Bar Cafe Principles. It is a Results by Design system using to gain Clarity, Confidence & Focus.

    What's my trouble? I suck at keywords! I do not know how to make my pages SEO ready. Is there a tool available to help me with keywords, and how to implement them into my pages?

    Thank you in advance,


    Accelerator for Success
    using: Dream Bar Cafe Principles

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    Is this keyword tool any better than Google Keyword Tool?
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    Please see my IM request for a refund. Product does not work and absolutely NO support. Also some purchased templates were not delivered. Please process my refund within 48 hours.
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    All you have to do is look at their BBB rating to know all you need to know.

    They owe me $1482.
    Signature Name Your Price On Premium Domains! Is For Sale
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