JV Zoo VS WarriorPlus?

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I am about to launch my first WSO and wondered which affiliate program was best to go through?

JVZoo vs Warrior Plus

Would love some feedback here on which one is best in terms of getting affiliates and sales.

They are both free but not sure what difference in fees between the 2 is?
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    WarriorPlus is more widely used, but JVZoo is also good too.

    I use both to attract the most affiliates.
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    Well they are both good platforms!

    I've got products on both but for WSO'S I mostly use warriorplus.

    It's just easier to use with wsos!

    My 2 cents.
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    WarriorPlus Is Best for me
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    JVZoo is the best hands down.

    It has way more options, its cheaper and your affiliates gets paid on every sale unlike WSO Pro.

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    Well, I had a HUGE problem with JVzoo. I ran a campaign for one of the programs in their marketplace and all of a sudden I couldn't login to my JVzoo account. I contacted them and they said I had been banned for "cookie stuffing". WTF???? I don't even know what cookie stuffing is! I am a pretty successful affiliate marketer (my previous campaign made about $20,000 with a single run) and I have never used any black hat methods. Just simple links to offers. There was no correspondence from JVzoo, they just shut me down without any notice. When I told the vendor (that I was selling for) he got VERY upset that he was going to lose his best rep. The vendor contacted JVzoo and proved that I didn't use any black hat cookie stuffing (or whatever crap they thought I did) and it was an error on the part of the JVzoo investigator but that fell on deaf ears. So, if you go with JVzoo you risk losing sales because some JVzoo idiot decides your affiliates are using black hat methods (when they aren't).
    YIKES! Either way, good luck brother.
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    I'd go with JV Zoo...
    Eileen Starbuck
    Single Mom | Super Affiliate Promoter of "The Well Oiled Affiliate Machine"
    (...where anyone can learn how to bring home the online bacon!)
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    I have used both and had issues with both... but they dealt with the issues very differently.

    With the old Warrior+ affiliate system (i.e. "pay me then pay you") I found that the W+ account was getting more commissions than it should. I questioned this with support and after a bit of backwards and forwards Mike Lantz did graciously reimburse me the difference.

    I used JVZoo some time later and had an issue with a promotion they did regarding fees on the OTO. They assured me I wouldn't get charged the normal percentage on the OTO but when I went live they did. This added up to a lot... so obviously I chased it up with them and it took over six months (!) to reimburse me. In the meantime they kept closing my support tickets, ignoring me etc. I literally had to chase them up every couple of weeks until they eventually paid me.

    I also felt like JVZoo don't really care.. I integrate closely with my custom system and any suggestions I made for improving their API have been ignored with generic messages. W+ seemed more open when I needed this kind of thing.

    I don't have any experience with the new W+ adaptive payments system but given the choice from a fresh start, I would recommend W+ over JVZoo

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    Fresh Store Builder]

    The worlds most advanced Amazon store builder with over 17,000 members.

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      Good insight Carey...

      I honestly haven't used either in quite a while, but good to know. I might be apt to recommend W+ from that perspective. Customer service means a LOT to me! ;-)

      Eileen Starbuck
      Single Mom | Super Affiliate Promoter of "The Well Oiled Affiliate Machine"
      (...where anyone can learn how to bring home the online bacon!)
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    Just a word from the other side of the fence..From a buying point of view..I get annoyed having to skip between WF and JVZ to access products bought..much prefer them all in one account..

    I also find JVZ to offer the buyer little or no support..

    For example: I recently bought a plugin which is not functioning and the sales video is misleading..having spent a couple of hours trying to get it work etc..I asked for a refund..

    No response from the vendor..so hit the JVZ support button which, goes back to the vendor support email, had to catch up with JVZ via facebook..what a lot of hassle..still no response..

    Now, it's not the few $'s just the pure waste of time..I will not ever pay for another product sold via JV Zoo, period..

    Make cash flow forecasts in openoffice.
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    you can use both Jvzoo and Warriorplus with two different product.
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    As a little anecdote: I've run 6 WSOs through WarriorPlus and all have gone very well. Mike Lantz not only has put together a great platform, he's also just a genuinely really nice guy.

    ...I've personally never run into any technical issues with them, which says something since I've used WarriorPlus for over three years, but I know if I ever did Mike would be quick to help (as others have already said).
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    I love Jvzoo a bit than Warrior plus , and the interface is better
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