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how to remove or hide the negative comment and blog/site from the search engine.?
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    In simple terms :

    By building positive digital assets that you control to displace the negative properties that you don't want coming up. This is what Online/Digital Reputation Management is about.

    You then have subdivisions into
    Personal Online Reputation Management
    Business/Brand Online Reputation Management

    The goals for each will be different e.g.
    Personal would more than likely be someone who has negative stuff come up when people type his name into google sometimes the goal is to make him disappear altogether other times if ihe is a prominent person e.g celeb, high networth individual, local business man etc he would rather maintain his personal brand but get rid of the negative properties that appear for his name.

    For a Brand :
    The brand usually won't want to disappear but if they do then they are definitely doing something wrong with their customers so I'd advice you to leave such a client alone. More likely it will be a case that there is some negative property they want removed e.g. Ripoff report or Negative news article to name a few.

    In all these instances ORM is the service used to provide the solution.

    Other avenues are the legal route but you need to be aware of the risks Legal route can be super effective if its a simple cease and desist letter.

    But that could cause a ''come at me bro'' effect where the person who owns the negative property truly feels aggrieved and doesn't care about your legal threats.

    In addition legal avenues alert the owner of the negative property that you are either alarmed or are loosing business due to the issues (I could write a book on just this bit alone.)

    Cheapest option is to try and sort it out via email with the owner of the negative property sometimes a simple whois look up could help identify who exactly you want to email.

    VERY IMPORTANT: if you have Rippoff Report issue or something else that allows you to put a response or comment DON'T DO IT.

    Google loves drama and all comments and responses do is make the negative property stickier and makes it hard to get rid off because all that action makes it seem like a hot topic for the internet.

    This is not much different to talkshows like what Jerry Springer was and how it had high ratings in its Prime cos it always had such outrageous drama.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh and lastly if the negative property is unequivocally defamatory/slanderous/libelous, inciting hatred , racial aggravation or something of that sort then yes if you go down the legal route you maybe able to recover costs from the other side but more often than not the perpetrator doesn't have the means to afford being sued.

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    here I have done a column here at Warrior Forum for fixing Google Autocomplete Suggestions that are not favorable this is really one of the biggest things in solving unwanted issues for ORM
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