Massive Traffic Hits Review- Is it related to Submission Works?

by raywarrior1978 4 replies
Hello. I did a search on here to see if there was a review but didn't find anything.
I also did a google search and a youtube search and nothing neither. That's strange for some reason.

Well the reason why I am asking is because there is a thread in here about submission works and on post # 252 by anderseriksson he mention that submission works uses popunders from their supplier

I went to that site and they have 25,000 USA targeted visitors for 59 dollars.

If that's the case, I wonder how you can split 7 urls divided into those 25,000 visitors? Because submission works is $59.95 per month service and they supposedly drive targeted traffic to 7 of your urls you put in their software.

Can anyone confirm if massivetraffichits in their supplier and also if they have used it before?

I wonder if their popunders are effective?

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    Looks like this will increase your bounce rate.
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      Bounce rate? I don't care about bounce rate. I am not talking about driving traffic to my won site, but to my clickbank affiliate link.

      I am guessing you didn't read and understand my above post.

      I am referring to if submission works buys their traffic to massive traffic hits as suggested by someone on the submission works thread and how effective is massive traffic hits because I can't find any reviews on it

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        I found a youtube video that also claims that SW buys their traffic from massive traffic hits which is pop under

        No wonder the traffic is not converting and there are so many complaints.
        The worst part is that they won't give you a refund after 24 hours or if you put any url into their software upon signing up which is suck for you and great for them because they are getting richer and richer stealing money from people who have a real job. Can't believe there are so many scams out there.

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    There are a lot of other sites on the net where you can purchase traffic for less than that but you will need to do more research. You more research not just on the Warrior Forum but on other forums and also on the internet as well.
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