Easy Video Suite vs s3flowshield vs s3mediavault for video protection (what's best?)

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Hey Warriors,

I will be using DAP or Wishlist member for my membership area and I want to protect my videos so people can't download them.

I want to drip the videos with DAP or wishlist, host the videos at Amazon S3, but also:

1) protect the videos so something like download helper can't download them

2) and also so if someone has the direct link to where the files are stored on S3 they can't download or view the video unless they're in my member's area (this will also protect my bandwidth since the videos can't be embedded on other sites).

What do you recommend for this? s3flowshield and s3mediavault seem to be similar to each other ...and Easy Video Suite offers some type of protection too (not sure what it is or if it accomplishes the 2 things I mentioned above).

What do you think? Any experience with any of these?
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    I don't think there is a way to completely stop people from downloading the video onto their hard drive. Since you need to technically download the video in order to watch it in the first place, you can't stop people from downloading it onto their hard drives. The realplayer plugin, just as an example, can download practically any video with a click of a button.
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    EVP is pretty good. Video DownloadHelper doesn't work with it.

    Just remember, I can power up Record Screen Activity, Record Streaming Video, Record YouTube Video and record the video while it's playing on my screen. This will defeat any protection out there.

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    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    Do you really think preventing people from downloading your videos will affect how much money you make?

    Edit: That's a rhetorical question.
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    OK, so I actually use BOTH these plugins on my website (S3 flowshield and S3 mediavault). It was a little bit frustrating because I had planned to use DAP (S3MV) for everything, but their video player was not compatible and would not work on my site. So, I went ahead and purchased S3 flowshield. I use them both. When I refer to DAP below, I'm referring to S3MV since DAP And S3MV work hand in hand, btw...

    The reason I had to do this is because some of my products had resell rights for the purchaser only, whereas they were "USER Only" for their licensing rights for my customers. So, I figured I would add many of those as "training videos" so people can only watch and not download. Well, S3 Flowshield is in fact showing the videos so that they are not downloadable and instead are only viewable.

    DAP Protects my site and protects pages and posts so that members can't view them unless they are signed in as members. Flowshield is protecting my videos so that people can only view them and not download them. S3MV is *supposed* to work the same way, but they have the caveat that their video player won't work with every theme. This AFTER I'd already added a couple thousand products to my site, mind you! So, I had no option BUT to go buy S3Flowshield too. I'm sure some expert hacker could get the videos downloaded, but I am a technical dummy and have no clue how someone could do that... so from my perspective they are protected well.

    All my content and products (over 3,000 products, 50k articles, and the tutorial vids etc) are all hosted at Amazon S3. DAP is a membership plugin, obviously, and the other two are supposed to protect files and content whilst hosted at S3. If you go with DAP for your member site, S3MV works excellent except for the video issues, which are supposedly a rarity per Veena and Ravi (the DAP creators). I've had NO probs with S3 Flowshield, but only use it for my training vids that I don't want anyone to download. Hope that helps!
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      Hey, btw, if there is any chance you end up buying DAP, would you mind shooting me a PM so that maybe you could buy thru my affiliate link? Just a thought. Didn't want to post it here and get myself in trouble.
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