UBOT VS ZENNOPOSTER for account creations & content submissions

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I have 100 sites ( some of them are semi-complicated) that I want to automate the account creations & content submissions for them. I already know how to script new sites in Magic Submitter but it's not effective enough. In MS some situations can't be solved without C# code!! and I don't know C# at all.

I see a lot of people say that ZP have more features but UBOT is much easier to learn.

Which product do you guys recommend for this ?

Forget about the price. This is not a problem for me. I was thinking that If the job can be done with UBOT without the hassle of a huge learning curve. I guess UBOT is ok for me. What do you guys think ?
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    I am using UBot and it's amazing. With ZP you cannot sell Compiled BoT but instead a template. With UBOt you can create BOT for your use and later sell as compiled BOT.
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      UBot all the way and with the new plugin features there is no limitations on the stuff you can do.

      You can even run php code from inside Ubot with its plugins so very easy for the beginner and also all the bells and whistles for the advanced are there.

      Just love it.

      I have created over 100 Bots that makes my life so much easier.

      Ability to compile is the big plus that leaves ZP eating dust.

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