Buying OptimizePress 1 & 2 or not?

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Hi there,
I am new to IM but after some studying weeks I decided to buy OP.
Question: would it be better for me to buy OP 1 then buy OP 2 or would it be better to wait for 23rd July?
I mean... I will buy for sure OP 2, does it make sense (to get discount, to use it, etc...) buying OP 1?
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    I have OP 1 and I'm not sure I'll update to OP 2.


    Because it's not broke, so I don't plan on fixing it. If it's really a tough decision and you're not sure if you want to wait, Profits theme isn't coming out with a new version
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      I am just wondering if I spend less in buying 1.0 now then 2.0 or directly 2.0....
      JUST DO IT
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    How do you buy version 1? I don't see it anymore.

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    I saw it at 68$ some days ago...
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    Love it! Think I paid $99 buck for it. Anybody got a sales vid for OP2 my google fu is lazy at the moment
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    Just go for OP2. It's more worth it with more features.
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      Few days to wait uh?
      JUST DO IT
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      Originally Posted by Dragone View Post

      What are the differences between the 2?
      The major differences between Optimize Press 1.0 and
      OptimizePress 2.0 is that OP2 can be used as a WordPress
      plugin or a theme if required (unlike OP1 which could only
      be used as a WordPress theme - this made it a bummer if
      you wanted to keep your main blog theme for your site
      yet still use OP1 for your sales process or membership
      site, etc.).

      Another advantage of OP2 is that the designs are fresher
      and RESPONSIVE which means that your site will automatically
      adjust in size to suit the device that it's being viewed on. This
      is important because more people are viewing sites on mobile
      devices like smartphones and tablets rather than just big screen
      computers or laptops.

      Because OptimizePress 1.0 was designed over 3 years ago and
      it's been so widely used, sites that use the default styles look
      a bit stale and dated. OptimizePress 2.0 has a lot of fresh
      designs that look great and will make your site stand out a bit
      more and look more current.

      There are many other differences but the two above are what
      I consider to be the big, useful differences.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    I also use Optimize Press version 1 and have for a few years now and as Victor said version 1 is not broke and it is still an awesome theme...

    I do believe I will get OP2 because it looks so good, Plus with existing members getting a discount so I more than likely will get it...

    @Dragone OP2 is a totally new Platform that OP is built on and it looks alot different from the original... Go to as they have a demo of what the new OP2 will look like..
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    What's the big secret on the cost? I know one must build suspense, but still.....

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